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Governing States and Localities

Governing States and Localities

Seventh Edition

January 2019 | 528 pages | CQ Press
Map of the United States
Tables, Figures, and Maps
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Chapter 1: Introduction to State and Local Government: They Tax Dogs in West Virginia, Don't They?
The Impact of State and Local Politics on Daily Life  
The Comparative Method in Practice: YEs, They Really Do Tax Dogs in West Virginia  
Recognizing the Stakes  
Chapter 2: Federalism: The Power Plan
Systems of Power  
Why Federalism? The Origins of the Federal System in the United States  
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism  
The Constitutional Basis of Federalism  
The Development of Federalism  
The Supreme Court: The Umpire of Federalism  
Chapter 3: Constitutions: Operating Instructions
What State Constitutions Do: It's PRobably Different From What You Think  
The Evolution of State Constitutions  
The First Generation of State Constitutions  
Formal Constitutional Changes  
Informal Methods for Changing Constitutions  
Why State Constitutions Vary  
How State Constitutions Differ  
Constitutions for Local Government?  
Chapter 4: Finance: Filling the Till and Paying the Bills
Show Me the Money: Where State Tax Revenues Come From  
Show Me the Money: Income From Fees, Charges, and Uncle Sam  
Taxing Variations Among State and Local Governments  
The Budget Process  
Chapter 5: Political Attitudes and Participation: Venting and Voting
Voting Rights Disputes  
What Elections Are Used For  
Public Opinion  
Chapter 6: Parties and Interest Groups: Elephants, Donkeys, and Cash Cows
A Primer on Political Parties  
Party Competition: Why Some States Are More Competitive Than Others  
Third Parties and Independents  
Interest Groups and Lobbies  
Chapter 7: Legislatures: The Art of Herding Cats
The Job of Legislatures  
Organization and Operation of Legislatures  
State Legislators  
The Citizens' Whipping Boy: Legislators and Public Opinion  
Chapter 8: Govenors and Executives: There Is No Such Thing as Absolute Power
The Job of Governor  
The Powers of Governors  
Becoming Governor and Staying Governor  
Other Executive OFfices  
Chapter 9: Courts: Turning Law into Politics
The Role and Structure of State Courts  
Selecting Judges  
Prosecution and Defense of Cases in State Courts  
How Courts Are Changing  
Chapter 10: Bureaucracy: What Nobody Wants but Everybody Needs
What Is Bureaucracy?  
What Does Bureaucracy Do?  
What Is "Enough" Bureaucracy?  
Measuring Bureaucratic Effectiveness: It Does a Better Job Than You Think  
State Bureaucracy" From Patronage to Professionalism  
Politics and the Merit System  
If Not Merit... Then What?  
Chapter 11: Local Government: Function Follows Form
The Many Faces of Local Government  
The Organization and Responsibilities of Local Governments  
Working Within Limits: The Powers and Constraints of Local Government  
Participation in Local Government  
Chapter 12: Metropolitics: The Hole Problem of Government
The Missing Level og Government  
Sprawl: How Metropolitan Regions Grow  
The Cons of Metropolitan Growth  
Government Reform in Metropolitan Areas  
The Case Against Reform: Public Choice and the Teibout Model  
Rural Metropolitics  
Chapter 13: Education: Reading, Writing, and Regulation
Organization and Leadership: Schools Have Many Bosses  
Money Matters  
The Pressure to Perform  
Many Brands on the School Reform Shelf  
Choosing Wisely: Alternatives to Public Schools  
Can't Tell the Players Without a Program: Groups That Influence Public Education  
Chapter 14: Crime and Punishment
Private Wrongs, Public Justice  
Principle Versus Practice in Common Law  
Prison Nation  
Mass Arrests and Incarceration  
Chapter 15: Health and Welfare: State, Heal Thyself!
Government's Role in Health  
How Government Got Into the Health Care Biz  
The Devolution Revolution  
The Rise of the Health Care State  
Issues to Watch  
What Is Good Health Anyway?  
Chapter 16: Environment and Climate Change: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
The Partisan Divide on Climate  
States Get Serious About the Environment  
Issues to Watch  

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