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Great Teaching by Design

Great Teaching by Design
From Intention to Implementation in the Visible Learning Classroom

November 2020 | 128 pages | Corwin

Turn good intentions into better outcomes—by design! 

Why leave student success up to chance? By combining your intuition and experience with the latest research on high-impact learning practices, you can evolve your teaching from good to great and make a lasting difference for your students. 

Organized around the DIIE framework, Great Teaching by Design takes you step-by-step from intention to implementation to accelerate the impact your teaching has on student learning. Inside, you’ll find:

  • A deep dive into the four stages of the DIIE model: Diagnosis and Discovery, Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation  
  • A fresh look at the Visible Learning research, which identifies the most powerful strategies for teaching and learning 
  • Stories of best practices in action and examples from classrooms around the world

Great teaching may come by chance, but it will come by design. Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to give your instruction a boost, take up the challenge and discover a new framework for teaching with true intentionality. 


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About the Authors
Chapter 1: Implementing What Works Best
The DIIE Model as Shared Language for Implementation

Ways of Thinking and Motivations

Teacher Decision Making

Ways of Thinking and Decision Making

Motivation and Decision Making

Teacher Motivation

Motivation and Implementation

A Shared Language for Great Teaching

Chapter 2: Diagnosis and Discovery
The Who Behind the Learning

Standards of and for Learning as the Starting Point

Initial Assessments

Development of Initial Assessments

Teacher Noticing

Chapter 3: Intervention
This Is Not Deficit Thinking

Identifying the Skill, Will, and Thrill: Where Are Our Learners Now?

Applying the Goldilocks Principle

High-Probability Interventions

Aligning High-Probability Interventions With Skill, Will, and Thrill

High-Probability Interventions for Enhancing Skill

High-Probability Interventions for Enhancing Will

High-Probability Interventions for Enhancing Thrill

Chapter 4: Implementation
Fidelity to Clear and Visible Learning+® Goals

Student Awareness of Success Criteria

Success Criteria and Aligning the Intervention

Necessary Dosage of an Engaging, Challenging, and Authentic Learning Experience

Adaptations Through Adaptive and Compensatory Approaches

Quality Delivery in an Environment for Implementation

Fostering an Environment of Mistakes

Chapter 5: Evaluation
A Broader View of Evaluation

Planning for Evaluation

Evaluating the Evidence

The Role of the Post-Assessments in Evaluation

Collecting Evidence From Post-Assessments

Evaluating the Evidence From Post-Assessments



"In order to maximize their learning, which will help them move beyond their own expectations, students need impactful teaching. No one has done more research in this area than John Hattie. In Great Teaching by Design Hattie and his co-authors show us that there is so much more we can learn about great teaching, and they provide us with step-by-step instructions on how to do that."  

Peter DeWitt, Ed.D., Author/Consultant
Finding Common Ground Blog (Education Week)

"Teaching techniques are not universaltheir outcomes are too contextual. The impact of even the most credible strategy will, in large part, be determined by why it is selected, when it is applied, and how it is received. An understanding of evidence will, of course, helpand there is no one in the world who has helped educators identify what works best more than John Hattie hasbut even the best evidence leaves us with the challenge of implementation. That is why this book is so important. The authors show readers how to turn a good idea into great learning for all students. It is a book so practical, profound, and timely that I recommend it as seminal reading for all educators."

James Nottingham, Creator of the Learning Pit and author of 9 books about teaching and learning

"Great Teaching by Design puts the teacher at the heart of the decision-making process, demonstrating that the deliberate actions teachers take can and do propel students forward in their learning. It demystifies the idea that excellent teachers are born knowing what to do to ensure excellence in their classrooms. The authors encourage concrete and specific action, supported by an easily understood model and underscored by quality research, that will enable a teacher to experience confidence and success in designing quality learning experiences for all learners."

Nicole Lafreniere, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Edmonton Catholic Schools, Alberta

"Impactful teaching and learning must not be left to chance! The practical applications inherent in Great Teaching by Design, particularly through the DIIE model, cast clarity on how to implement what makes the biggest impact on student learning."

Timothy P. Cusack Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent
Edmonton Catholic Schools, Alberta

"Great Teaching by Design uses an asset-based lens that allows educators to gain insight and further extend their understanding of using evidence and intention to design learning. There are multiple examples that show educators how to find a relatable connection from their own learning journey. This book provides strategies and tools to ensure educators are intentionally designing programs that meet the needs of a diverse student population."

Brandon Pachan, Elementary School Teacher
Peel District School Board, Brampton, Ontario

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