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Group Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors

Group Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors

June 1994 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The accounts of group work are fascinating. . . . The authors' experience over many years is well organized and presented, and the level of detail given enables the real dilemmas and problems presented by this work to be dealt with. The role of education concerning the effects of abuse in order to enable participants to better understand their own reactions is helpfully explained, and is relevant in dealing with victimization generally. . . . This is a book that raises important issues for practitioners in this field." --Anne Viney in Criminal Behavior and Mental Health As a widely used and accepted form of intervention, group therapy has been successfully applied to a variety of populations. Group Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors explores the benefits of this treatment modality in ameliorating symptoms experienced by adult incest survivors and provides the practitioner with assistance in working with both content and process issues in incest therapy groups. Drawing from the most recent research literature and their own clinical expertise, Donaldson and Cordes-Green present a thorough discussion of group treatment research issues, a review of problems experienced by clients, a preparation for both therapist and client for the group therapy process, a sample group "walk-through," and a description of typical group phases. Attention is also given to special problems within the group and individual group members. The practical advice and guidance offered in Group Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors skillfully addresses the here-and-now needs of practitioners working with this client population. "This is a good, practical model by two social workers who are knowledgeable and experienced in group therapy for adult incest survivors. It is simply and clearly written, with a framework that is easy to understand. The book presents 'teachable' systems of keeping group leaders on track [the Four Ms for Group Therapy]. . . . I liked this how-to book and will use it in training group therapists." --Canadian Medical Association

Overview: Incest Survivors and Group Treatment
Getting Started
Working with Content Issues
The Active Ongoing Therapy Group
Special Issues

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