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Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4-8

Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4-8
Texts and Lessons to Improve Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary

Primary English

September 2020 | 144 pages | Corwin

Part I. Guided Practice in the ELA Block
Chapter 1. What Developing Readers Need
Chapter 2. Organizing for Guided Practice
Part II. Teaching Guided Practice Lessons
Chapter 3. Partner Discussion Lessons
Lesson 1. Partner discussions using the poem for two voices "What was she thinking?"

Lesson 2. Partner discussions of "Jorge Munoz: An American Hero"

Lesson 3. Partner discussions using the poem "Escape Artist"

Lesson 4. Partner discussions using the text "What Was Early Humans' Great Invention?"

Lesson 5. Partner discussions using the poem "Before I could write this poem --"

Lesson 6. Partner discussions of the short narrative "Manhunt"

Lesson 7. Partner discussions of the poem "The Explorers"

Lesson 8. Partner discussions of the short text "Ellis Island"

Lesson 9. Partner discussions of the poem "Ode to a Skunk"

Lesson 10. Partner discussions for the text "I am Not a Number"

Lesson 11. Partner discussions of "Now... and Then"

Lesson 12. Partner discussions using the poem "If Stones Had Tongues"

Chapter 4. Shared Reading Lessons
Lesson 13. Shared reading of "The Man for the Job"

Lesson 14. Shared reading of "Jane Goodall: A Portrait of Determination"

Lesson 15. Shared reading of "Rain, She"

Lesson 16. Shared reading of "The Service Dog: Man's Best Friend"

Lesson 17. Shared reading of "Lost and Found"

Lesson 18. Shared reading of "Johnny Appleseed - Johnathan Chapman: One Man - Two Stories"

Lesson 19. Shared reading of "George Washington Carver"

Lesson 20. Shared reading of "Masters of Pollination"

Lesson 21. Shared reading of "Amazon Rain Forest"

Lesson 22. Shared reading of "Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Dancer"

Lesson 23. Shared reading of "Who Were They -- Those First People To Walk Upon This Land?"

Lesson 24. Shared reading of "Solving an Ancient Cave Mystery"

Part III. Next Steps for Guided Practice and Growth in Reading

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