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Handbook of Counseling Women

Handbook of Counseling Women

Second Edition
Edited by:

Counseling Women

October 2016 | 696 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Counseling Women, edited by Mary Kopala and Merle Keitel, draws together a nationally recognized group of contributing scholars and practitioners to address current theories, research, and issues relevant to the mental and physical well-being of women. Comprehensive and accessible, the Second Edition is organized into three parts covering theoretical, sociocultural, biological, and developmental considerations; assessment, diagnosis, and intervention; and supervision, research, and ethics. The reorganization of this new edition includes more sections and chapters giving special attention to such topics as women and poverty, intimate partner violence, women’s career barriers, and considerations for specific ethnic groups. 

Part 1: Women’s Voices: Personal Perspectives on Professional Contributions
Judith V. Jordan
Chapter 1: The Power of Connection: Reflections on Mutual Growth
Melba J. T. Vasquez
Chapter 2: A Latina's Voice: Contributions to Psychology
Jean Lau Chin
Chapter 3: Diverse Paths: A Life of Contrasts
Carolyn Zerbe Enns
Chapter 4: On Lifelong Learning About Complexity and Intersectionality
Joan C. Chrisler
Chapter 5: To Create a Meaningful Career: Combine Personal Interests With Professional Expertise
Oliva M. Espin
Chapter 6: Caminate No Hay Camino: The Road is Built as You Walk
Ruth E. Fassinger
Chapter 7: Professional Contributions of Ruth Fassinger: A Symphony in Four Movements
Part 2: Historical, Theoretical, and Sociocultural Considerations of Feminist Counseling and Psychology
Carolyn Zerbe Enns
Chapter 8: Contemporary Adaptations of Traditional Approaches to Counseling Women
Judith V. Jordan
Chapter 9: Relational-Cultural Therapy
Mary Ballou, Rakhshanda Saleem, and Eleanor Roffman
Chapter 10: The Evolution of Feminist Psychology: Integrating Feminism andMulticulturalism in Counseling Women
Part 3: Issues of Social Injustice
Christine A. Gidycz, Shannon M. Johnson
Chapter 11: Violence Against Women: Treatment Considerations
Marcie M. Lechtenberg and Sandra M. Stith
Chapter 12: Counseling Women in Violent Relationships
Peggy Loo, Angela Gwak, and Laura Smith
Chapter 13: Picture a Woman: Counseling Women Living in Poverty
M. Meghan Davidson, Mary J. Heppner, and Anne Scott Lapour
Chapter 14: The Ecology of Women’s Career Barriers: Creating Social Justice Through Systemwide Intervention
Part 4: Developmental Considerations of Counseling Women
Vicki Compitello
Chapter 15: Through the Eye of the Needle: The Emerging Adolescent
Amy L. Reynolds and Sharon Mitchell
Chapter 16: Counseling Women in Emerging Adulthood (18-25)
Christina Doherty
Chapter 17: Counseling Young Adult Women (26-39)
Sharon E. Robinson Kurpius, Silva Hassert, and Megan Foley Nicpon
Chapter 18: Counseling Women at Midlife: A Biopsychosocial Perspective
Diane S. Schaupp and Leia Ting
Chapter 19: Counseling Women Greater Than 65 Years of Age
Part 5: Within Group Differences: The Implications For Multicultural Counseling
Janet E. Helms
Chapter 20: Counseling Black Women: Understanding the Effects of Multilevel Invisibility
Sara Cho Kim, Lisa Suzuki, Kyoko Toyama, and Nina Lei
Chapter 21: Counseling Eastern Asian American Women
Anneliese A. Singh, Muninder Ahluwalia, and Gagan S. Khera
Chapter 22: Counseling South Asian American Women
Alison Cerezo, Oliva M. Espín, and Krizia Puig
Chapter 23: Counseling Latinas in the United States
Amy L. Reynolds and Anneliese A. Singh
Chapter 24: Counseling Issues for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Women
Freda Ginsberg
Chapter 25: Counseling Jewish Women
Saba Rasheed Ali, Michelle Nanji, and Samantha D. Brown
Chapter 26: Counseling Muslim Women
Part 6: Counseling Women: Normative Issues
Nadya A. Fouad and Kristin Ihle
Chapter 27: Effective Strategies for Career Counseling With Women
Margo A. Jackson and Samantha Slater
Chapter 28: Hidden Biases in Counseling Women: Balancing Work and Family Concerns
Ingrid Grieger
Chapter 29: Women in Intimate Relationships: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice
Ismini Georgiades
Chapter 30: Counseling Women for Grief and Loss: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations
Kathleen Chwalisz and Jessica Zvonkovic
Chapter 31: Counseling Women Who Are Caregivers
Jessica L. Larsen and Michelle D. Sherman
Chapter 32: Counseling Women Affected by Military Service
Danielle Magaldi, Jennie Park-Taylor, and Lauren E. Latella
Chapter 33: Women’s Religion and Spirituality
Part 7: Counseling Women: Mental Health Concerns
Alisha Ali, Roxane Caires, and Lauren Wash
Chapter 34: Women and Depressive Disorders
Dawn M. Johnson, Nicole L. Johnson, Katherine M. Fedele, Samantha Holmes, and Mitzi Hutchins
Chapter 35: Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
Mary M. Velasquez, Leslie Sirrianni, and Angela L. Stotts
Chapter 36: Substance Abuse Disorders in Women
Melinda Parisi, Lauren Stack, Marissa Miller, and Merle Keitel
Chapter 37: Counseling Women With Eating Disorders
Part 8: Counseling Women: Physical Concerns
Anna C. Hoffman, Betsy Rippentrop, and Elizabeth M. Altmaier
Chapter 38. Health Counseling: Assessment and Intervention
Merle A. Keitel, Mary Kopala, Alexandra Lamm, Alyson Moadel, and Jodi Berman
Chapter 39: Helping Women Negotiate the Cancer Experience
Sue C. Jacobs, Lahoma Schultz, and Ginger Welch
Chapter 40: Women and Heart Disease: Information for Counselors
Mary Kopala and Molly Brawer
Chapter 41: Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (AKA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Migraine Headaches: Meeting the Challenge
Mary Ann Hoffman, Lisa Baker, Kathryn Schaefer Ziemer, and Trisha Raque-Bogdan
Chapter 42: Breaking Through the Barriers: Psychoeducation and Interventions for Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women
Merle Keitel, Erica Tennenbaum, and Ishani Ticinelli
Chapter 43: Infertility and Recurrent Miscarriage
Part 9: Professional Issues In Counseling
Myrna L. Friedlander, Susana Blanco, Shaina Bernardi, and Katharine S. Shaffer
Chapter 44: Empowering Female Supervisees: A Feminist, Multicultural, and Relational Perspective
Georgiana Shick Tryon
Chapter 45: Value Choices and Methodological Issues in Counseling Research With Women
Cynthia de las Fuentes, Martha Ramos Duffer, and Melba J. T. Vasquez
Chapter 46: Ethical Intelligence in Feminist Therapy

“Finally—a comprehensive, integrative, multicultural exploration into the understanding of women’s life experiences…their growth, suffering, and triumphs as they face the challenges of an ever-present patriarchal world…a text written by women about women from a feminine developmental perspective.”

Patricia Jameson
Carlow University

“The breadth and scope of the coverage of the Handbook of Counseling Women provides faculty, students, and professional counselors an important resource for providing culturally competent therapy to women of various identities facing a complex range of problems.”

Kathryn Schmidt
University of Texas at El Paso

“This is an interdisciplinary, timely, diverse, and needed approach to counseling females in today’s global society.”

Diana Bruns
South Missouri State University
Key features

  • "Women's Voices: Personal Perspectives on Professional Contributions" includes the voices of seven pioneers in the field (Melba Vasquez, Judith Jordan, Oliva Espin, Carolyn Enns, Jean Lau Chin, Ruth Fassinger, and Joan Chrisler) who have had a major impact on the mental health professions through scholarship, leadership, and/or theory.
  • A chapter on the evolution of feminist psychology expands the scope of the book.
  • A section on issues of social injustice addresses violence against women, intimate partner violence, women in poverty, and the ecology of women’s career barriers.
  • Chapters on African American, East Asian, South Asian, Latina, Jewish, and Muslim women, as well as lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, highlight the experiences of women whose voices have historically been silenced or overlooked by society.
  • New chapters in the normative issues section cover the impact of military service on women, counseling caregivers, and incorporating spirituality and religion in counseling women.
  • Chapters on mental health concerns specific to women include the new DSM-5 criteria and outcome research.
  • A chapter on infertility and miscarriage and updated chapters on cancer, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, and other conditions that disproportionately affect women (such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and migraines) enhance the section on physical illness.
  • Separate chapters on adolescence and emerging, young, middle, and late adulthood strengthen the section on development. 

  • Case material and concrete practice recommendations illustrate practical applications of counseling strategies.
  • Women’s issues are explored from a multiculturally-sensitive perspective.
  • Examination of both traditional and progressive theories of counseling adds to the book’s comprehensiveness.
  • Integration of issues of diversity and multiculturalism can be seen throughout. 

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