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Handbook of Cultural Geography

Handbook of Cultural Geography

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December 2002 | 580 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Having just read this book, cover to cover, I can honestly say that I have not felt so excited about the discipline of geography since i was in my first year at college.... Overall, therefore, this is a truly wonderful book and the first comprehansive analysis of the cultural turn tha geography has taken, the pitfalls which lie ahead and the course which needs to be chartered. Innovative, invigorating, passionate and groundbreaking, it makes you feel great about being a cultural geographer, even if you never knew you were one'

-Space and Polity

`I never expected to call a handbook compulsive reading, but this wonderful volume changed all my preconceptions of what cultural geographers can do. Absorbing and thought-provoking, this is collaborative intellectual work at its imaginative best; it situates, explains and questions cultural geography as a "style of thought" and in the process imparts such vitality and joy from thinking in that style that this reader wants to join in. This Handbook can inform and inspire anyone concerned in any way with cultural research today' - Meaghan Morris, Chair Professor of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

`The Handbook of Cultural Geography lives up to its name. It is a book about where things are, how people live, what life means and why events happen. It should be carried at all times by anyone who is curious about the world. Crammed within its covers is a wealth of detail about the power to make history and shape geography. This is a catalogue of the disagreements and alliances that shape the world, and of the politics (and costs) of engaging with that world.The book is comprehensive yet has depth, accessible as well as experimental, and challenging without being too daunting. Each page contains something that seems highly familiar yet curiously strange. The message of course is that what we normally take for granted is so strange. The achievement is that after reading the Handbook, the world will never seem "normal" again' - Susan J Smith, Ogilvie Professor of Geography, The University of Edinburgh

`A richly plural and impassioned re-presentation of cultural geography that eschews everything in the way of boundary drawing and fixity. A re-visioning of the field as "a set of engagements with the world," it contains a vibrant atlas of ever shifting possibilities. Throbbing with commitment, and un-disciplined in the most positive sense of that term, it is exactly what a handbook ought to be' - Professor Allan Pred, Department of Geography, University of California at Berkeley

`A handbook with attitude and purpose, bristling with vitality, openness, and novelty. Dispelling with fixtures, canons, and retrofits, an imaginative cast in the hands of four of the most exciting contemporary cultural geographers opens up the cultural plural - culture as distribution of things, as a way of life, as meaning, as doing, as power - to a new spatial sensibility concerned with the fluid and mobile, the broadest ecology of spatial surfaces, the everyday lived, and the impetus of experimental forcings. A wonderful display of the confident maturity and originality that contemporary geography brings to cultural studies' - Professor Ash Amin, Department of Geography, University of Durham

The Handbook of Cultural Geography presents a state of the art assessment of the key questions informing cultural geography. Emphasizing the intellectual diversity of the discipline, the Handbook presents a comprehensive statement of the relationship between the cultural imagination and the geographical imagination while also looking at resonances between cultural geography and other disciplines.

The work is cross-referenced throughout and presents a completely integrated overview of cultural geography. This will be an essential reference for any inquiry into how culture is spatially constituted and, equally, how geography is culturally constructed.

Kay Anderson et al
A Rough Guide
Peter Jackson
Nicky Gregson
Reclaiming `the Social' in Social and Cultural Geography
Pamela Moss and Isabel Dyck
Embodying Social Geography
Katharyne Mitchell
Cultural Geographies of Transnationality
Trevor J Barnes
Linda McDowell
Cultures of Labour
Work, Employment, Identity and Economic Transformations

Adam Tickell
Cultures of Money
Meric S Gertler
A Cultural Economic Geography of Production
Don Slater
Cultures of Consumption
Sarah Whatmore
Noel Castree
Geographies of Nature in the Making
Jennifer Wolch, Jody Emel and Chris Wilbert
Reanimating Cultural Geography
Steve Hinchliffe
Landscapes and Natures

David Matless
Don Mitchell
Dead Labor and the Political Economy of Landscape
California Living, California Dying

Denis Cosgrove
Landscape and the European Sense of Sight
Eyeing Nature

Tim Cresswell
Landscape and the Obliteration of Practice
Robyn Longhurst
Elspeth Probyn
The Spatial Imperative of Subjectivity
Alastair Bonnett and Anoop Nayak
Cultural Geographies of Racialization
The Territory of Race

Michael Brown and Larry Knopp
Queer Cultural Geographies
We're Here! We're Queer! We're Over There, Too!

Liz Bondi and Joyce Davidson
Troubling the Place of Gender
Jane M Jacobs
Daniel Clayton
Critical Imperial and Colonial Geographies
Brenda S A Yeoh
Postcolonial Geographies of Place and Migration
Anthony D King
Cultures and Spaces of Postcolonial Knowledges
Jennifer Robinson
Cheryl McEwan
The West and Other Feminisms
David Slater
Beyond Euro-Americanism
Democracy and Post-colonialism

Michael Watts
Alternative Modern
Development as Cultural Geography

Gerard Toal and John Agnew
Anssi Paasi
Boundaries in a Globalizing World
Joanne P Sharp
Gender in a Political and Patriarchal World
Clare Newstead, Carolina K Reid and Matthew Sparke
The Cultural Geography of Scale
Simon Dalby
Environmental Geopolitics
Nature, Culture, Urbanity

John Paul Jones III
Ulf Strohmayer
The Culture of Epistemology
Francis Harvey
Knowledge and Geography's Technology
Politics, Ontologies, Representations in the Changing Ways we Know

Audrey Kobayashi
The Construction of Geographical Knowledge
Racialization, Spatialization

Richard Howitt and Sandra Suchet-Pearson
Contested Cultural Landscapes

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