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Handbook of Strategy and Management

Handbook of Strategy and Management

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December 2001 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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"Finally! We have a comprehensive, reflective and critical overview of the field of strategy in the new Handbook of Strategy and Management."
—Cynthia Hardy, Head of Department of Management, University of Melbourne

Presenting a major retrospective and prospective overview of strategy, this Handbook is an important benchmark volume for management scholars worldwide. The Handbook frames, assesses and synthesizes the work in the field. Chapters are grouped under four specific areas of strategy and management: Mapping a Terrain; Thinking and Acting Strategically; Changing Contexts; and Looking Forward.

Within these parts, leading international scholars provide historical overviews of the key themes, address the central approaches which have characterized these themes, critically assess the quality of current theory and knowledge, and set out agendas for future theoretical and empirical development.

The resulting volume is a unique overview of the inputs and dynamics to shape strategy and management and will be crucial reference for academics and students.  

Andrew Pettigrew, Howard Thomas and Richard Whittington
Strategic Management
The Strengths and Limitations of a Field

Edward H Bowman, Harbir Singh and Howard Thomas
The Domain of Strategic Management
History and Evolution

Karel Cool, Luis Almeida Costa and Ingemar Dierickx
Constructing Competitive Advantage
Robert M Grant
Corporate Strategy
Managing Scope and Strategy Content

Constantinos Markides
Corporate Strategy
The Role of the Centre

Richard Whittington
Corporate Structure
From Policy to Practice

Katheleen M Eisenhardt and Filipe M Santos
Knowledge-Based View
A New Theory of Strategy?

Joseph Porac and Howard Thomas
Managing Cognition and Strategy
Issues, Trends and Future Directions

Balaji Chakravarthy and Roderick E White
Strategy Process
Forming, Implementing and Changing Strategies

Raghu Garud and Andrew H Van de Ven
Strategic Change Processes
Gerald F Davis and Michael Useem
Top Management, Company Directors and Corporate Control
Bruce Kogut
International Management and Strategy
Ewan Ferlie
Quasi Strategy
Strategic Management in the Contemporary Public Sector

Rita Gunther McGrath
Entrepreneurship, Small Firms and Wealth Creation
A Framework Using Real Options Analysis

Winfried Ruigrok
The Strategy and Management of International Institutions
Keith Pavitt and W Edward Steimueller
Technology in Corporate Strategy
Change, Continuity and the Information Revolution

David A Whetten, Gordon Rands and Paul Godfrey
What Are the Responsibilities of Business to Society?
Haridimos Tsoukas and Christian Knudsen
The Conduct of Strategy Research
David J Jeremy
Business History and Strategy
N Venkatraman and Mohan Subramaniam
Theorizing the Future of Strategy
Questions for Shaping Strategy Research in the Knowledge Economy

Richard Whittington, Andrew Pettigrew and Howard Thomas
Doing More in Strategy Research


A nice collection of articles on various aspects of strategic management

Dr Krishna Venkitachalam
Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University
May 25, 2015

A good companion book for the strategy module.

Mr Andrew Faulkner
Business, South Devon College
April 1, 2015

Excellent book and I am thinking of moving this to an essential text status. I am currently locked into a 'patter' with my teaching team and we are currently evaluating our approach for 2012 through looking at various interim approaches this year. This will be a recommended text for my Masters level Strategy modules (n=160) next semester.

Dr Kenneth Gadd
Leeds University Business School, Leeds University
October 23, 2011

a great collection of articles for the advanced student - but not easy reading

Dr Daniel Valentine
School of Business, Albion College
March 1, 2011

Gives a perfect overview on the field of Strategic Management. The book is too comprehensive to be the essential textbook of my course, however. It might also need a revision soon to keep it up to date to current research an literature.

Dr Bjoern Baltzer
Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Bamberg
August 10, 2010

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