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Hands-On Social Marketing

Hands-On Social Marketing
A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Change for Good

Second Edition

October 2010 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Six fail-proof steps to social marketing success!

This book shows students and practitioners how to develop social marketing programs through a simple, six-step process of strategic planning and design. Nedra Kline Weinreich starts by introducing the concept of social marketing and then walks the reader through each of the six steps of the process: analysis, strategy development, program and communication design, pretesting, implementation, and evaluation and feedback.

The Second Edition incorporates developments in marketing practice over the last 10 years and focuses on how to apply the design approach to campaigns to effect behavior change.  All organizations can do social marketing, Weinreich insists, if they follow the steps and start to think from a social marketing perspective.

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Section I. What Is Social Marketing?
Chapter 1 – Social Marketing Basics
Chapter 2 – Not Just Business as Usual
Chapter 3 – The Social Marketing Mix
Chapter 4 – The Social Marketing Process
Section II. Step 1: Analysis
Chapter 5 – Research in the Social Marketing Process
Chapter 6 – Analysis
Chapter 7 – Conducting Formative Research
Section III. Step 2: Strategy Development
Chapter 8 – Segmenting the Target Audience
Chapter 9 – Building the Social Marketing Strategy
Section IV. Step 3: Program and Communication Design
Chapter 10 – Influencing Behavior by Design
Chapter 11 – Developing Effective Messages
Chapter 12 – Identifying Appropriate Channels
Chapter 13 – Producing Creative Communications
Section V. Step 4: Pretesting
Chapter 14 – Pretesting Principles
Chapter 15 – Conducting the Pretest
Chapter 16 – Using the Pretesting Results
Section VI. Step 5: Implementation
Chapter 17 – Developing an Implementation Plan
Chapter 18 – Planning and Buying Traditional Media
Chapter 19 – Engaging in Social Media
Chapter 20 – Generating Publicity
Chapter 21 – Monitoring Implementation
Section VII. Step 6: Evaluation and Feedback
Chapter 22 – Evaluation Basics
Chapter 23 – Evaluation Design
Chapter 24 – Evaluation Methods
Chapter 25 – Using Feedback to Improve Your Program
Appendix A: Social Marketing Resource List
Appendix B: Sample Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Survey
Appendix C: Sample Focus Group Recruitment Questionnaire
Appendix D: Sample Focus Group Topic Guide
Appendix E: Readability Testing Formula
About the Author

A useful and practical book which will be used as a supplementary text to inform the sessions that relate to communication in Health promotion and Mass media.

Dr Fiona McGowan
Health and Biosciences , University of East London
January 26, 2011

I adopted this book as it proved to be very practical and easy to read

Mr Maurice Murphy
Management and Marketing, Cork Institute of Technology
January 26, 2011
Key features

Key Features

  • Provides accompanying worksheets for each stage to serve as a ready-made "consultant" who asks all the right questions of readers going through the process
  • Discusses the impact of social media, showing how it is no longer enough that we communicate with our audience; we must engage with the audience as well
  • Emphasizes low-cost research methods and shows students and practitioners how to stretch a small budget without sacrificing quality

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