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Health Promotion and Health Education in Nursing

Health Promotion and Health Education in Nursing

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December 2023 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Health promotion is a core nursing topic and for the past decade, as a nurse, you will be spending more time and energy in the community, doing preventative work and helping to rebalance services away from hospitals. You are expected to ‘Make Every Contact Count’ and look for opportunities to encourage healthier behaviours and lifestyles each time you engage with an individual. The recent Coronavirus epidemic has brought public health and health promotion activities even more sharply into the spotlight and this has made a huge impact on the work you do.

This book focuses on health education – this is the core health promotion work that you will do on a daily basis and it is ideal for those studying at Masters level. It takes an international approach, with Ruth Cross being extremely experienced with a proven track record in the health promotion community. 

This book includes:

  • Explanations of the theory and context of health promotion and health education
  • International content from people in the field including Norway, Australia and Ghana
  • 'Tutorial Triggers', 'Points to Ponder' and 'Time to Reflect' features, encouraging you to apply the chapter content to your practice
  • Real-life examples across the lifespan and in a range of different settings


Section 1: What Is Health, Health Promotion And Health Education?
Ruth Cross and Dean Whitehead
Chapter 1: Health And Its determinants
María Pueyo Garrigues and Navidad Canga Armayor
Chapter 2: Defining Health Promotion And Health Education
Ruth Cross and James Woodall
Chapter 3: A History Of Health Promotion And Health Education
James Woodall and Ruth Cross
Chapter 4: Health Promotion And Health Education Approaches
María Pueyo Garrigues, María Lavilla Gracia and Navidad Canga Armayor
Chapter 5: The Ottawa Charter – Reorienting Health Services And Developing Personal Skills
Section 2: Theoretical Underpinnings, Global Health And The Future Of Health Promotion And Health Education
Dean Whitehead
Chapter 6: A Lifestyle/Settings-Based Framework For Health Promotion And Health Education
Susan Thompson
Chapter 7: Core Health Promotion And Health Education Skills
Ivy O’Neil
Chapter 8: Assessing Health Needs
Ebenezer Owusu-Addo
Chapter 9: Evaluation
Julian Pillay and Ruth Cross
Chapter 10: Global Health
Louise Warwick-Booth and Ruth Cross
Chapter 11: The Future Of Health Promotion And Health Education For Health Professionals
Section 3: Health Promotion Through The Lifespan – Selected Stages And Issues
Firoza Haffejee
Chapter 12: Maternal Health
Lindsay Smith and Paula Nersesian
Chapter 13: Reimagining Child And Family Health Education And Health Promotion Through A Planetary Health Lens
Pandu Hailonga-van Dijk and Cloudina Venaani
Chapter 14: Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights
Antoinette Barton-Gooden and Jasneth Mullings
Chapter 15: Young To Middle Adult Health
Jed Montayre and Tiffany Northall
Chapter 16: Older Adult Health: Retirement Communities And Residential Aged Care Homes
Kari Ingstad and Trude Wille
Chapter 17: Health Promotion In Hospital And Beyond

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