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Heroin in the Age of Crack-Cocaine

Heroin in the Age of Crack-Cocaine

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Volume: 6
Drugs & Crime

January 1998 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In a state-of-the-art presentation, Heroin in the Age of Crack-Cocaine presents articles by experts in the field on current developments and emerging trends in addition to a historical overview of heroin use in this country. Filling a void in the literature on whatÆs known about the "new" heroin users, this volume also updates the readers on the status of aging heroin addicted populations who initiated use of the drug prior to the "age of cocaine." Having moved from the stereotypical "shooting galleries" of back alleys in inner city neighborhoods, heroin addiction continues to rise in mainstream culture and new ways of administration have come into use. A relative abundance of purer Southeast Asian heroin, the rapid rise in popularity of crack-cocaine, treatment controversies, and the realized role that injection drug use plays in the transmission of HIV all suggest increased dimensions of the heroin problem and in their saliency for the 1990s and beyond. Academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and students will find Heroin in the Age of Crack-Cocaine to be a comprehensive and significant contribution to existing research, as well as a stimulant to further discussion and study of this rapidly evolving issue and its impact in the health and criminal justice arenas of our society.

James A Inciardi and Lana D Harrison
The Re-Emergence of Heroin in the Age of Crack-Cocaine

Timothy Kinlock, Thomas E Hanlon and David N Nurco
Heroin Use in the United States
History and Development

James A Inciardi, Duane C McBride and Hilary L Surratt
The Heroin Street Addict
Profiling a National Population

Dale D Chitwood, Mary Comerford and Norman L Weatherby
The Initiation of the Use of Heroin in the Age of Crack
Ann F Brunswick and Stephen P Titus
Heroin Patterns and Trajectories in an African American Cohort (1969-1990)
Bruce D Johnson and Andrew Golub
Trends in Heroin Use among Manhattan Arrestees from the Heroin and Crack Eras
Alan Neaigus et al
Trends in the Non-Injected Use of Heroin and Factors Associated with the Transition to Injecting
Jerome J Platt et al
Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Its Development and Effectiveness after Thirty Years

Geoffrey Hunt and Marsha Rosenbaum
`Hustling' within the Clinic
Consumer Perspectives on Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Jean-Paul Grund
The New Heroin Users in the USA
What Lessons Can Be Learned from the Diffusion of Heroin Inhalation in The Netherlands To Prevent Large Scale Transitions to Injecting Drug Use


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