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Heterosexuality in Question

Heterosexuality in Question

October 2020 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With heterosexuality currently being examined more rigorously than ever before, this accessible and engaging book charts the development of feminist and sociological theorizing on sexuality and the emergence of a radical critique of heterosexuality. Stevi Jackson reviews a range of important theoretical and substantive issues, and she demonstrates an important shift in feminist thinking from an emphasis on male dominance within heterosexual relations to a critical perspective on heterosexuality itself. Her book will be relevant to scholars and students in the fields of women's studies, lesbian and gay studies and the sociology of sexuality.

Querying Heterosexuality
A Personal History of Feminist and Sociological Theorizing

On the Social Construction of Female Sexuality
The Social Context of Rape
Sexual Scripts and Motivation

How to Make Babies
Sexism in Sex Education

Femininity, Masculinity and Sexuality
The Desire for Freud
Psychoanalysis and Feminism

Even Sociologists Fall in Love
An Exploration in the Sociology of Emotions

Women and Heterosexual Love
Complicity, Resistance and Change

Gender and Heterosexuality
A Materialist Feminist Analysis

Lost Childhood or Sexualized Girlhood?
Taking Liberties
Feminism, Gay Rights and the Problem of Heterosexuality

Heterosexuality, Heteronormativity and Gender Hierarchy
Some Reflections on Recent Debates


`A pleasure to read.....Her effort to tease apart the constituent elements of heterosexuality as a self-identified straight feminist sociologist make for an important contribution. If you or your students are among the legions currently enraptured by postmodern language, I strongly recommend this book to help clear your mind' -Sexualities

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