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Highly Successful Women Administrators

Highly Successful Women Administrators
The Inside Stories of How They Got There

  • Sandra Lee Gupton - Department of Educational Leadership, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, President and Chairperson, Pravah, New Delhi
  • Gloria Appelt Slick - University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

September 1996 | 224 pages | Corwin

What does it take for a woman to be a successful administrator in education? Is it more than a matter of being the best qualified person for the job? Are there specific traits that can help you reach your goals? In their new book, Gupton and Slick bring you the stories of women who've made it. They reveal exactly what's necessary--and how to do it. They give you the kind of insider information newer administrators need to jump-start their careers and keep on track. Fifteen successful educational administrators share their lives and their experiences. They can help you: * Cultivate a desire to succeed * Learn how to be comfortable with pursuing power * Use your "participatory" leadership style * Broaden your educational qualifications * Develop networking and mentoring skills Explore the reasons behind top-level inequities in educational administration. Find out how you can successfully battle the system-wide practices that perpetuate the status quo. Learn how to overcome the cultural stereotypes: Build your own support systems, nourish your crucial desire for success, set up your own network, and get ready to climb. Use the important lessons you'll learn here to propel your career right to the top.

Patricia Schmuck
Our Story

Lesson 1
Be Prepared

Lesson 2
Plan for Your Career

Lesson 3

Lesson 4
Be Diligent and Professional

Lesson 5
Honor, Preserve and Protect Your Integrity

Lesson 6
Reach Out to and through Others

Lesson 7
Practice What You Seek: The Importance of Mentoring

Lesson 8
Lead by Example

The Evolution of Issues Related to Leadership and Gender
The Collective Voice
`Go For It!'


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