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Hiring Right

Hiring Right
A Practical Guide

December 1993 | 187 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Reading Hiring Right was like spending a highly productive afternoon in conversation with Susan J. Herman, the author. She had clear answers to my questions about hiring and anticipated many concerns that would not have occurred to me. In a concise manner she clarifies the hiring process from her experience as a business owner and consultant, from her knowledge as a researcher and teacher, and from her empathy and warmth as a trusted friend. An essential resource book with a highly personal touch." --Bob Marx, University of Massachusetts "For an employer who really wants to 'hire right,' this book is a must. It is more than a 'how-to' book; it literally helps one to think about the total process from beginning to end. Rather than viewing the hiring process as one of matching skills to jobs, Hiring Right emphasizes the importance of viewing the whole person in relation to the organization. A practical, yet conceptually sound book." --Stephen Fink, University of New Hampshire "Highly readable and technically solid--Hiring Right will be a valuable resource for practitioners and students alike--a timely contribution." --Larry Shetzer, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, University of British Columbia "In this age of global competition, total quality management, ISO 9000, and high technology, people are the critical resource. Hiring Right's direct style makes it truly useful. I particularly like the way the author presents the various alternatives and approaches to the process of hiring people. Hiring Right will be very useful in our Corporate Headquarter's Human Resource Department as well as our member companies around the world." --Thomas P. Putnam Chairman, Markem Corporation Turnover costs an organization as much as two times the annual salary of any given position, with the average being 150% of an employee's annual salary. Hiring right the first time represents enormous savings in time, money, and anxiety, as well as embarrassment and ego damage for both the unsuccessful worker and hiring personnel. Hiring Right is a hands-on, workbook-style manual for managers of organizations (large or small, for-profit or nonprofit) who hire employees, for human resource directors who train line managers and supervisors to do the hiring, and for consultants who want to put written materials into their clients' hands. Handy and practical, this volume takes you through each step in the hiring process, including job definition, recruitment, interviewing, testing, and checking references. Each chapter briefly outlines key concepts for managers and includes several exercises and worksheets that will serve as a complete hiring strategy that can be customized to any manager's own organization and specific hiring needs. Hiring Right is essential for professionals who participate in any aspect of the hiring process and scholars and students in management studies, organization science, human resources, public administration, and education.

Hiring Right (The First Time!)
Creating the Hiring Master Plan
The Legal Pitfalls of Hiring
Defining the Job
Recruiting the Best Applicants
Making the First Cut
Employee Testing
Conducting the Interview
Checking References
Making the Decision, Closing the Contract

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ISBN: 9780803947597