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Hits and Misses

Hits and Misses
The Indian Banking Story

December 2020 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Do you often wonder—‘Is my money safe in banks?’ India is grappling with its worst banking crisis ever, and we are still trying to figure out what landed us here. This book analyses the role of the government and RBI in allowing the problem to reach the dimension it has assumed today. 

When will the never-ending NPA issue be resolved? Does it make sense to merge two PSBs when the culture and governance structures are alike? Should the RBI reserves be used in times of crisis? Should the tenure of a CEO be long or short? The book ponders and debates on some of these questions. 

Hits and Misses presents the two sides of the Indian banking story by giving an account of the reforms as well as quandaries in times of extraordinary economic and political challenges. The book answers many relevant questions by highlighting the highs and lows of the banking sector, which became subjects of debate in media and financial circles. 

Foreword by Sanjiv Chadha
Introduction: Banking Metamorphosis
PART I Trends
Banking on Reforms: The Narasimham Committee Report
Advent of New Private Banks
Branches Pop Up Where Business Exists
Transformation of the Deposits Ecosystem
Credit Matrix
How the Structure of Income of Banks Changed?
Chipping of the PSB Market Share
The Human Factor
Managing Employee Pay Scales
PART II Controversies
The NPA Conundrum
The IBC: Are We Serious?
PCA Banks: That Hurts Now!
Going beyond PCA and the Collapse of Governance
Corporate Governance in Indian Banks
Bank Mergers: Do They Make Sense?
Privatizing PSBs: One Step Forward, Two Behind
Capitalizing PSBs: Whose Baby Is It?
How Free Are Banks?
Loan Waivers: Make Merry When the Going is Good
It’s Business After All
Freeing Banks from Term Lending
De-risking Banking: RBI’s Large Exposure Framework
Universal Banking: Should We Go Back?
CEO Tenure: Too Short or Too Long?
CEO Compensation
Bankers on Interest Rates: Narrow View Always
Relevance of CRR
Banking Costs: They Really Hurt
Priority Sector Lending: Will We Ever Get Out of It?
Benchmarking of Interest Rates: Who Should Decide?
Don’t Use the Small Savings Argument Please
Are Your Deposits Really Safe?
NBFCs and Shadow Banking: The Next Frontier
RBI versus Government: Is It a Healthy Relationship?
Handling Public Debt
RBI Reserves: Leave Them Alone
What Should Be the Tenure of RBI Governor?
MPC: Time to Go Back to the Textbook
Conclusion: The Final Take

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ISBN: 9789353886868