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How Leaders Decide

How Leaders Decide
Tackling Biases and Risks in Decision-making

Critical Acclaim

July 2022 | 348 pages | SAGE Response
Organizations provide mind-boggling compensations to their leaders as compared to an average employee. Is it because they work more?

Just like the saying ‘we are the decisions we make’, the very existence of an organization depends on the decisions its leaders make! Decision-making is not just a process. It is an interplay among competitive strategies, processes, design, values and culture. Narrating the experiences of industry decision-makers, the book demonstrates that organizational decision-making is about making tough choices—navigating through a minefield of biases and execution issues.  It walks the readers through the challenges faced by every decision-maker and how these decisions affect the organization. It also goes on to lay out a series of tools that readers can immediately use to enhance their organizational decision-making skills. From analysing key decisions of the past to shaping new ones, this book will equip readers with effective strategies that will allow them to become an integral part of their organization’s decision-making environment. 

Businesses are always on the lookout for effective decision-makers. Whether you are looking to move up the career ladder or do well in your personal life, with How Leaders Decide you will be well on your way!

Foreword by Harsh Goenka
PART I Organizational Decision-making Is Different
Power of Decisions
Managers Too Make a Lot of Decisions!
When Groups Decide
Quick and Dynamic Environment
How Practical Are Decision-making Styles and Philosophies?
PART II Making It Effective
Decision-driven Organizations
Empowering the Frontline
Data-driven Decision-making
Decision-making Competencies
Decision-making Toolkit and How to Use It
PART III Nurturing a Decision-making Environment
Laugh with Many, Don’t Trust Any
What Is the Right Thing to Do?
Strength Lies in Differences
Creativity Is Contagious
Disconnect to Reconnect
PART IV: Biases That Ails Organizational Decision-making
Unintelligent Passion
Authority Bias
Comfort Zone Bias
Conformity Bias
Indecision Decision
PART V: Decision Execution Life Cycle
Execution Planning
Execution Methodology
Change Management
Impactful Communication
Decision Evaluation Framework

In an ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to focus on good decision-making. Harjeet has taken this complex topic and broken it down with very appropriate examples and given the reader great insight into getting ‘it right’. I would recommend this book for business leaders at all levels and think this should be a staple on all of our bookshelves for years to come.

Bhavdeep Singh
Managing Partner, White Hawk Associates; and CEO, Healthquarters

Harjeet Khanduja is a quintessential storyteller with a difference. His book has several stories with facts of innumerable companies and shared frameworks that are so easy to read and reflect on. When one reads this fascinating ‘unputdownable’ book, one realizes the value that is derived through examples that one can relate with. We become wiser with every passing page. Highly recommended. One book that I wish Harjeet had written many years ago, which would have made my life easier by helping me in taking the decisions!

S. V. Nathan
Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India

We tell students who join an MBA programme that they are about to embark on a learning journey that will enable them to make better decisions. My compliments to Harjeet Khanduja for writing a lucid and easily accessible primer on decision-making that should be of great help to MBA students and practicing managers.

Rishikesha T. Krishnan
Director and Professor of Strategy, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

One of the major dilemmas in business and in life is ‘to decide’. What separates ‘men from the boys’ and ‘leaders from managers’ is the ability to make decisions. Harjeet’s book on ‘how leaders decide’ is lucid, practical and well-structured for honing decision-making skills. I have seen Harjeet as a senior executive making business decisions with effortless grace with complex variables at play.

Rajagopalan Purushothaman
Author, Emotional Intelligence

I am a tech person to the core. I was not keen to read a decisionmaking book. I started and I could not stop. It is such an interesting book with so many practical examples. After reading this, I am able to recognize some of my own decision skills that make me successful. Now I know why they call Harjeet, the R. K. Laxman of Business. I strongly recommend it to all the tech folks.

Satyajeet Ahuja
Network Architect, Meta (Facebook)

How Leaders Decide by Harjeet Khanduja is a book written in a reader-friendly style with immense research into the heart of what helps business leaders create a better decision-making environment, which harnesses, nurtures and displays organizationwide decision-making capabilities. Harjeet’s basic premise is how individual decision-makers can adjust their own style to navigate their careers in the organization ecosystem. The book combines anecdotes, research and real-life accounts of corporate leaders. It is a great read for corporate professionals across hierarchies, as well as management students who are budding corporate managers.

Amit Das
Director HR and CHRO, Bennett Coleman Co. Ltd (Times of India Group)

The book is a comprehensive, insightful and engaging reading on ‘how to make effective decisions?’ Mr Harjeet Khanduja, who is an effective manager and decision-maker himself, has poured his 25 years of rich corporate experience in the book by covering 120 concepts of decision-making with 250 real-life examples from more than 160 organizations. Corporate managers and students of management will find the book immensely useful in their personal and professional lives. I strongly recommend the book.

Professor Shailendra Singh
Director, Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

Decision decides our destiny. Good one takes us closer to our goal, while a bad one spoils a career. I am so happy that an expert and authority in the field, Mr Harjeet Khanduja, has put all these factors in a very simple language and his own style in this book. You must read this book to know the nuances of making the right decision in your career and life. I am sure this book is going to be the reference book on decision-making for all professionals.

Subir Verma
Author, Job Search Secrets; Head, HR and IR, Tata Power

Harjeet has an uncanny knack of articulating anything and everything in a very simplistic way which makes it almost a story read for all. It has been an absolute delight and a perfect refresher on leadership tenets for me personally to read the book, How Leaders Decide. I recommend this excellent book to all and make it a ‘dummy for decision-making’ for all current and aspiring leaders.

Dhimant Bakshi
CEO, Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited

Decision-making in business is an art as well as a science. This book provides a unique, practical and relevant perspective of decision-making by business leaders by exploring relevant biases and situations. Khanduja has created a wonderful tapestry of vibrant narratives, which allows the reader to truly understand the mind of a business leader.

Professor Anupam Agrawal
Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

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ISBN: 9789354794278