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How to get a 2:1 in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

How to get a 2:1 in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

First Edition

May 2004 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This is the most well written book I have read for some time. I would have very much wished for such a book when I was an undergraduate. It outlines very clearly and honestly the skills needed to be a successful independent learner. …the authors "voice" is one of a critical friend that the reader can trust.... It contains lots of good advice in relation to student support and guidance for any future subject review and on how to meet the "skills based" elements of the QAA benchmarks' Shaun Best, University of Manchester

How can you succeed in media, communication and cultural studies? What are the best ways to answer essays and exams? How can you sort out your dissertation?

This comprehensive and reliable book provides students in these disciplines with all they need to know to maximize their learning experience. The book:

· Defines the field

· Provides easy tips on being a good learner

· Helps them communicate effectively in seminars

· Clearly outlines key ideas and thinkers

· Supplies a trouble-shooting and problem solving guide for all aspects of their study

Written by an experienced lecturer and writer, the book is a must for effective performance on media, communication and cultural studies courses.

What is the Study of Media, Communications and Culture?
What makes a Good Learner?
What makes a Good Communicator?
Fifty Key Ideas
Forty Key Thinkers
What Gets Good Marks in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies?
`How do I...?' Trouble Shooting and Problem-Solving