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How to Promote Student Mental Health

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Help your students navigate mental wellbeing on- and off-campus with these free tools and podcasts

How often do your your students come to you with questions about their mental health? Make your classroom a comfortable place to have open conversations about mental health challenges and maintaining mental wellbeing with these insightful podcasts and effective course tools from two Sage authors. 


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Podcast with Krisstal Clayton, PhD


Podcast with Dr. Dawn McBride

Tools for You and Your Students

cutoff image of Intro Psych infographic for students on how to nurture your mental health

Students: What can you do to nurture your mental health?


These on- and off-campus resources will help your students evaluate the state of their mental health—and where to go for assistance when they need it.

cutoff image of Intro Psych infographic for instructors on how to nurture students' mental health

Instructors: What can you do to nurture your students’ mental health?


This list of action items can help you build an inclusive environment where students feel comfortable talking about mental health—and reaching out for help when they need it.

cutoff image of Intro Psych Bulleted Journal Assignment

Assignment for your course: Bulleted Journal and Self-Reflection Assignment


This assignment will provide your students with a means for reflection about their daily practices, schedule, and how they “treat” themselves over the course of one week.

cutoff image of Intro Psych Campus Resources document

Resources for your students: Campus Resources for (Almost) Everything You Need


This list of campus resources can point your students in the right direction when they’re in need of help or support.

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