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How to Recruit, Incentivize and Retain Millennials

How to Recruit, Incentivize and Retain Millennials

First Edition

February 2020 | 280 pages | SAGE Response

‘What do millennials want?’ is a big question facing organization these days. HR managers are looking for recruitment strategies that can help achieve the optimal person–organization fit. Several organizations have already started implementing innovative practices to attract and retain millennials. They are unique in their characteristics and consumption pattern. Millennials are known to have forced several organization to adapt the workplace and work environment. Their varied ways of life are also reflected in their work settings. Millennials enter the workforce with unique needs, characteristics, expectations and personalities. These differences pave the way for new challenges that contemporary organizations encounter on a regular basis.

This book demystifies the problems faced by HR managers and recruiters when hiring and working with millennials. It offers descriptive and prescriptive insights on leveraging the millennial talent.


Foreword by Dr Subramanian Swamy
Foreword by Dr Satya Pal Singh
Millennials and Other Generations
Why Are Millennials the Way They Are?
Generational Diversity in the Organizational Context
Challenges of a Millennial Workforce
Strategies of Managing Millennials: Industry’s Best Practices
Strategies for Recruiting Millennials
Strategies for Incentivizing Millennials
Strategies for Retaining Millennials
Leveraging on the Strengths of the Millennials: Industry Best Practices
Understanding and Strategizing Millennial Job Search Process
Succession Planning of Millennials in Family Business

‘Millennials are a unique generation from the workforce management standpoint. The book provides an in-depth understanding into management aspects of the millennial workforce. A must-read for all in the corporate world’.

Lt Gen. Sanjeev Madhok,
PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Former General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Army Training Command; Head of Defence Business, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd

The book How to Recruit, Incentivize and Retain Millennials by Professor Dheeraj Sharma provides excellent approaches to manage and leverage millennial workforce for superior performance outcomes. This highly informative book provides exemplary guidelines on attracting, developing and retaining the most valuable assets, thereby paving the path for organizational growth. Unarguably, it will serve as a knowledge pool for the society as a whole.

Suresh Kumar,
President, Strategy and Human Resources, Polycab India Ltd

Professor Dheeraj Sharma’s original research on the best experiences of the work environment with respect to recruiting and managing millennials is indeed laudable. Undoubtedly, the book will help bridge future generation gaps and provide a transformatory edge to both the ‘millennials’ and the organizations they work for.

Lt Gen. Manvender Singh,

This book would prove to be a boon for understanding millennials and what makes them so different in their approach to lifestyles—personal and particularly in the work ethos. Understanding them has never been easy and this book aims to address some of those issues.

Lt Gen. Sanjeev Anand,
Former Adjutant General, Indian Army

A book every HR professional should read and try to apply while dealing with the next generation. Well explained, well written and correctly linked to current and future challenges.

Ashok Priyadarshi,
Vice President, HR & CSR, Alkem Laboratories Ltd

A very informative read on a very pertinent topic. While millennials as a consumer group have been studied and written about ad nauseam, this is the first time millennials as employees have been studied by a renowned academician and researcher! A must-read for the managers of today!

Sonali Dhawan,
Chief Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble, Indian Subcontinent

The language is simple and the book is packed with information that can be easily and immediately applied… [It] is a sound and research-based book filled with a lot of practical advice.”

BookedforLife, 13 December 2019
Key features
• Giving an insight into the customer-centric millennials, this book lucidly talks about ways of tapping and winning over millennials. 

• To change the existing mindset of employers, the book entails why the working of millennials should not be confused with other generations e.g. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers. 

•In addition, it also presents unique strategies of various noted corporates like E & Y, McDonald's, General Electric, Adobe, Google, Colgate, Nestle, KFC, Walmart etc. 

• To resolve generational tensions amidst employees of different age-groups, the book talks about best practices and measures that organizations can adopt to address the challenges in courses of disagreements.

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ISBN: 9789353286606

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