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Human Development in the Indian Context

Human Development in the Indian Context
A Socio-cultural Focus Vol.1

First Edition

Volume: 1

October 2008 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Information on human development in India has depended heavily on Western-oriented concepts. However, Indian academia over the past three decades has emphasised and pursued indigenous culture-specific conceptualizations. This Volume links together the general concepts in psychology, sociology and, to some extent, anthropology, to focus on the culture-specific development of the Indian and to present a holistic perspective.

Human Development in the Indian Context, Vol 1 contains essential information for an understanding of the nature of development of the Indian psyche and ethos. In this context, the author examines the significant aspects of development. In doing so, she presents a paradigm of an eclectic point of view, analysing basic concepts, sources and knowledge of human development in the Indian situation. She also discusses the critical skills required of the individual, the identity of the Indian and his adaptive resilience to the heterogeneity of his culture. This volume provides information to new readers and is a reference book targeted at university students, developmental institutions and to some extent, the students of comparative Asian studies. Volume 2, which follows, helps further understand the Indian in his cultural and ecological situation.

Foreword Kirit Parekh
The Hexagon of Human Development: The Indian Setting
Human Development: Bases and Processes
Origins of Knowledge on Human Development
Sources of Knowledge on Human Development
The Study of Human Development
Research Concerns
The Development of Critical Skills
Identity and Interpersonal Competence
Societal Mores and their Implications
Concluding Overview

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ISBN: 9780761936107