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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
People, Data, and Analytics

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January 2019 | 736 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Human resources is rapidly evolving into a data-rich field but with big data comes big decisions. The best companies understand how to use data to make strategic workforce decisions and gain significant competitive advantage. 

Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics introduces students to the fundamentals of talent management with integrated coverage of data analytics. Features tied to SHRM competencies and data exercises give students hands-on opportunities to practice the analytical and decision-making skills they need to excel in today’s job market. Engaging examples illustrate key HRM concepts and theories, which brings many traditional HRM topics to life. Whether your students are future managers or future HR professionals, they will learn best practices for managing talent in the changing workplace.  

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1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
Opening Case: HRM in Context: The Case of Chobani’s Evolving HR Culture  
What is Human Resource Management?  
Why HRM Matters  
The Changing Context of HRM  
HRM as a Profession  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
2. Strategic HRM, Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics
Opening Case: Strategic HRM in Context: The Case of Strategy and HR Analytics at Chevron  
What is a Strategy?  
Strategic HRM: Linking Strategy with HRM  
From Then to Now: The Origins of Strategic HRM  
Strategic HRM, Data-driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics  
HR Analytics and the Scientific Process  
Ensuring HR Analytics Success  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
3. Data Management and Human Resource Information Systems
Opening Case: Shifting to a Data-Driven Organization with HRIS: The Case of Nissan  
Managing Data  
Opportunities for Data Management and HRIS  
Challenges for Data Management and HRIS  
Developing a Human Resource Information System  
Implementing a Human Resource Information System  
Getting Technical: Core Information System Concepts  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
4. Diversity, Inclusion, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
Opening Case: Diversity Challenges in the Tech Industry: The Case of Pinterest  
Challenges and Benefits of Managing Diversity Effectively  
Understanding the Legal Environment of Diversity  
Diversity and Inclusion in the Age of People Analytics  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
5. The Analysis and Design of Work in Organizations
Opening Case: The Development of SHRM’s Competency Model for HR Practice  
The Analysis of Work and Its Critical Role in HR Practice  
Collecting Job Analysis Data  
Specific Job Analysis Methods and Approaches  
Designing Jobs to Enhance Motivation, Attitudes, Wellbeing, and Performance  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
6. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
Opening Case: Creating a College Recruitment Pipeline: The Case of PWC  
Understanding the Labor Landscape: The Workforce Planning and Forecasting  
The Recruiting Process  
Stages of Recruitment  
Spotlight on Data and Analytics: Internal Recruiting at Credit Suisse  
Recruiting for Diversity  
A Broader View of Workforce Planning and Recruitment  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
7. Selection Processes and Procedures
Opening Case: Finding the Best Fit: The Case of Selection at Google  
Setting the Stage for Selection: Job Analysis, Recruitment, and Legal Issues  
Data-Driven Criteria for Choosing Selection Procedures: Reliability, Validity, and Utility  
Strategically Choosing and Combining Selection Procedures  
Selection Procedures  
Emerging Issues in Selection  
Applicant Reactions to Selection Methods and Procedures  
Deployment of Selection Procedures  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
8. Training, Development, and Careers in Organizations
Opening Case: Using Training and Development to Drive Igloo’s Culture of Commitment  
Training Needs Assessment  
Enhancing Learning  
Training Methods  
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training Programs  
Career Development and Management  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
9. Performance Management
Opening Case: Transforming Performance Management at Deloitte  
What is Performance Management?  
Design Features of Performance Management Systems  
Conducting Fair Performance Reviews  
Improving the Effectiveness of Performance Management  
Teaching Managers How to be Good Coaches and Build Trust  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
10. Managing Employee Separations and Retention
Keeping the Seats Occupied: Analytics as a Retention Management Tool in the Trucking Industry  
Understanding and Managing Employee Separations  
Voluntary Turnover  
Managing Employee Retention  
Involuntary Turnover: Dismissals  
Involuntary Turnover: Layoffs  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
11. Developing a Pay Structure
Opening Case: Equal Pay for the US Women’s National Soccer Team  
Pay as a Reward  
Fairness of Rewards  
Developing a Pay Structure  
Person-Based Pay Structures  
Executive Pay  
Pay Administration  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
12. Rewarding Performance
Opening Case: Improving Patient Care with Financial Rewards: Geisinger Health System  
Pay as a Motivator  
Theories of Motivation  
Strategy and Pay for Performance  
Challenges and Opportunities in Rewarding Performance  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
13. Managing Benefits
Opening Case: Providing Benefits to Gig Workers at  
Benefits as Rewards  
Legally Required Benefits  
Additional Healthcare Requirements  
Voluntary Benefits  
Administering and Communicating Benefit Programs  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
14. Employee and Labor Relations
Opening Case: The First B Corp Certified US Grocery Store: The Case of New Seasons Market  
Factors Influencing Employee Relations  
Organizational Policies and Procedures  
The Labor Movement  
The Collective Bargaining Process  
Negotiation Phase and Collective Bargaining Content  
Failure to Reach an Agreement  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
15. Employee Safety, Well-Being, and Wellness
Opening Case: Putting the Brakes on Train Derailments: Promoting Safety on Public Railways  
The Role of HRM in Worker Safety and Health  
Workplace Safety  
Workplace Stress  
Employee Wellness Programs  
Workplace Interventions: Solutions to Address Specific-Well Being Issues  
Total Worker Health: An Integrated Approach to Worker Well-Being  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  
16. Opportunities and Challenges in International HRM (IHRM)
Opening Case: Talent Management in the Danger Zone: The Case of Mercy Corps  
Global Transfer of HR Practices  
Important Considerations When Transferring HR Practices across Borders  
Managing HR Globally  
Management of Expatriates  
Alternatives to Long-Term Relocation Assignments  
Chapter Summary  
Key Terms  
HR Reasoning and Decision-Making Exercises  


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“The text offers useful and appropriate examples of the use of analytics in HRM.” 

Gwendolyn M. Combs
University of Nebraska Lincoln

“An interesting and novel approach to teaching HRM.” 

Michael W. Hill
University of Georgia

“[This] is a good, comprehensive Human Resource Management textbook for the Undergraduate level or for Graduate students with a concentration in HR.” 

Patricia A. Ippoliti
Rutgers University

“Excellent data-driven text.” 

Kevin J. Hurt
Columbus State University

“A state-of-the-art textbook on HRM.” 

Robert W. Halliman
Austin Peay State University

“…adds elements of currency and insight based on business and industry trends. The book purports to focus on data analysis and improving HR decision making skills based on data, objectivity, ethics, and legal frameworks.”

Jalane Meloun
Barry University

“This [HRM] textbook does a much better job of acknowledging the importance of data and gives students a chance to work with data–a big plus.” 

Brian D. Webster
Ball State University

“This textbook is an all-encompassing book that covers in detail, the critical performance areas of human resource management and how information technology is used for decision making and in creating a competitive advantage.” 

Benjamin B. Yumol
Claflin University

“[Human Resource Management] is a well written, well organized textbook with current cases taken from today’s headlines, laid out in an instructor and student friendly way.  If our college wants to emphasize data driven analytical HRM strategic decision making, this is the perfect introductory text.”  

Otha Carlton Hawkins
Alamance Community College

“With the recent changes to the HR field as a whole to be a more integrated discipline, Bauer et al’s text does a spectacular job of expanding upon core content from organizational behavior, business law, business analytics, leadership, and management and frames that content in an HR lens…this text provides in-depth integration of those topics fused with current case studies and references to popular culture.” 

Lou L. Sabina
Stetson University
Key features


  • An emphasis on data analytics permeates the text and exercises. 
    • Spotlight on People Analytics spotlights real-world examples of how companies have collected and analyzed HR data to inform decision making. 
    • A unique Data Management and HRIS Chapter explores the pivotal role of data along with the challenges and opportunities of managing data.
    • Data Analytics Exercises and Excel Extensions offer hands-on opportunities for students to practice using data in Microsoft Excel to make decisions. 
  • Case Studies and HR in Action boxes highlight real organizations using innovative HR practices. Examples include Costco, Mars Inc., Igloo, Mercy Corps, and PwC.
  • Spotlight on HR for Small and Medium businesses shows how HR acts as a powerful tool for startups and small businesses where the majority of the working population is engaged.
  • Spotlight on Ethics provides examples of both ethical and unethical situations and best practices for dealing with ethical challenges. 
  • Spotlight on Legal Issues explores the different ways HRM is influenced by law and how legal issues will continue to shape the HRM landscape.
  • Spotlight on Global Issues provide glimpses into HRM from an international perspective and the impact of globalization on the way that work is done.
  • Inside HR original videos interview real-world professionals demonstrating how they use HR concepts in their day-to-day. Each video is tied to assessment questions.
  • SHRM and TEDTalk videos illustrate human resource management concepts using a variety of relatable scenarios and challenge students to apply and analyze these workplace situations. 

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