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Hutchison IEB Demo

With purchase of a new print copy with an access code, take advantage of a free mobile-friendly Interactive eBook anywhere, anytime with easy access across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of video, audio, data, and primary sources that deepen learning as you explore key topics.

See the Power and Value of the Interactive eBook

To experience a complete chapter, follow these easy steps:

1. To access a demo chapter of the Interactive eBook, go to
2. Login to VitalSource Bookshelf or create an account by clicking on “Login” or “Create an Account.” 
3. Once you are logged in, go to the demo chapter url:
4. Add the demo to your cart and check out (Note: You will not be charged for this free trial demo.) 
5. Click "Read the book online" to view the demo.

For more information, locate your sales rep

Bundling Information: Use the ISBN below to ensure your students receive the Interactive eBook free with their print book.

BUNDLE: Hutchison: Essentials of Human Behavior 2E + Hutchison: Essentials of Human Behavior 2E Interactive eBook: 9781506363257