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Identity and Difference

Identity and Difference

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Volume: 3

May 1997 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From identity crisis and identity politics to national identities, diaspora, and sexual identities, this new terminology of recent years has been the focus of key debates related to identity in cultural studies. Identity and Difference examines the challenge of these debates and outlines their application to central questions of gender, sexuality, embodiment, health, race, and nationality. The importance of identity and difference in the contemporary world is illustrated at multiple levelsùglobal, local, and personal. The contributors demonstrate the ways in which identities are constructed for and by individuals and question notions of the fixity of identity and difference. Explanations from essentialist, social constructionist, psychoanalytic, feminist, and discursive approaches are explored as well as the complexity of contemporary identities including popular discourses of motherhood, health, and the body. Identity and Difference combines theory with in-depth discussion of the most common areas of contested identities. Providing activities and selected readings, it will be essential for students and researchers in cultural studies, popular culture, and social theory.

Kathryn Woodward
Kathryn Woodward
Concepts of Difference and Identity
Chris Shilling
The Body and Difference
Susan Benson
The Body, Health and Eating Disorders
Lynne Segal
Kathryn Woodward
Identities, Meanings and Myths

Paul Gilroy
Diaspora and the Detours of Identity

`The book is easy to use and its layout demonstrates some skill in constructing volumes that `work' as study guides and reference tools. The merit of this book goes well beyond its suitability for course applications. Contemporary ideas on identity provide new meanings for an old concept' - Multilingual and Multicultural

A great book that provides a different outlook.

Mrs Chrissie Louise Draper
Derby College, Derby College
October 20, 2015

a great book for the classes linked to equality

Miss Marian Carr
FE Computing, Bradford College
July 18, 2014

This is a very good book which has provided a systematically overview of the culture and its concept and it is a very good book for any mental health students and practitioner alike.

Mr Faramarz Hashempour
Health & Social Care, Bangor University
November 11, 2013

Gives a useful introduction to 'identity'. Used with Education and Disability Studies students looking at 'identity political' movements.

Dr Jenny Slater
Education, Childhood and Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University
November 7, 2012