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Identity, Ethnic Diversity and Community Cohesion

Identity, Ethnic Diversity and Community Cohesion

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June 2007 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What is meant by community? Is there a balance between equality, integration, and diversity? Does the idea of identity undermine community cohesion?

This book debates these questions and explores the concept of identity and how its different meanings and interpretations impact upon community policy. The chapters bring together leading academics, policymakers, think-tank representatives, and community workers to debate the connections between ethnic diversity, identity, and community cohesion.

Key Features
  • Chapters highlighting the connections between theory, practice, and policy
  • Topicality of contributions that are up-to-date in terms of contemporary policy
  • Author commentaries and 'reflections' on key themes and case studies that strengthen the connection and relevance of research to 'real life'
  • A leading group of editors and authors: the ESRC Identities Programme and the Runnymede Trust lend a wealth of research and policymaking experience
This original and innovative book makes a distinctive contribution to debates about identity. It will be of interest to those studying social policy, community studies, politics, and sociology as well as for policymakers, researchers, and those working in the public sector.

Margaret Wetherell
Community Cohesion and Identity Dynamics: Dilemmas and Challenges
Henry Tam
The Case for Progressive Solidarity
Nick Johnson
Building an Integrated Society
Dilwar Hussain
Identity Formation and Change in British Muslim Communities
Omar Khan
Policy, Identity and Community Cohesion: How Race Equality Fits
Ben Rogaly and Becky Taylor
Welcome to 'Monkey Island': Identity and Community in Three Norwich Estates
Coretta Phillips
Ethnicity, Identity and Community Cohesion in Prison
Simon Clarke, Rosie Gilmour and Steve Garner
Home, Identity and Community Cohesion
Miles Hewstone, Nicole Tausch, Joanne Hughes and Ed Cairns
Prejudice, Intergroup Contact and Identity: Do Neighbourhoods Matter?
Claire Alexander
Cohesive Identities: The Distance between Meaning and Understanding
Kate Gavron
Acknowledged Identities: a Common Endeavour or Wider Hostilities?
Bhikhu Parekh
Reasoned Identities: a Committed Relationship
Avtar Brah
Non-binarized Identities of Similarity and Difference

This book provides an excellent and up-to-date overview of the key issues on identity, ethnic diversity and social cohesion in an era where these have come under increasing scrutiny in public discourse. It is suitable to be recommended as a key text in a variety of modules at various levels.

Dr Sebastian Rasinger
English, Communication, Film and Media, Anglia Ruskin University
November 4, 2009

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