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Impeachable Offenses

Impeachable Offenses
A Documentary History from 1787 to the Present

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January 1999 | 326 pages | CQ Press

This title is the only book on the topic that includes the major primary sources for evaluation of what has and has not constituted an impeachable offense, including the documents on the investigation of President Clinton as they bear on impeachment.

Impeachable Offenses presents the historical proceedings and precedents for impeachment in the U.S., leading up to the current investigation of President Clinton. Focusing on providing a clear understanding of what the Constitution says about impeachment and how its terms have been applied throughout our history, Impeachable Offenses gives readers the perspective they need to make informed decisions.

In an easy-to-read style packed with fascinating detail, Impeachable Offenses explores the frequency and reasons impeachment articles have and have not emerged from House investigations in the past 200 years, allowing readers to form their own conclusions on the current case based on the historical record.

Impeachable Offenses includes the historical detail and documents on each of the 16 times articles of impeachment have been drawn up, plus the outcome of those investigations that did not lead to impeachment. Impeachable Offenses also includes the entire catalog of potentially impeachable offenses in the Starr Report, the impeachment-related clauses from the Constitution, and a discussion of the Senate's trial procedures.

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ISBN: 9781568024790