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India’s Football Dream

India’s Football Dream

First Edition

April 2019 | 260 pages | SAGE Select

India is ready for football’s strongest comeback. 'India’s Football Dream' is a modern day guidebook to Indian Football that extensively covers the journey Indian Football has made from inception till the biggest event till date, FIFA U17 World Cup 2017. The book while talking about inception of the sport and its growth in India is also focussed towards to modern day leagues such as Indian Super League & I-League. Football is the sport that the world plays and it has been a very popular sport in India. With rich and illustrious past in India the sport is now making a very strong come back in India. Young children across India are now taking on to Football. The book aims to take the readers on a fascinating journey of the sport of Football through a diverse India and how the sport captured attention of millions of Indians in various regions. So Hop on the fascinating journey of the sport of football.”

Foreword by Sunil Chhetri
Dribbling through Football
History of Football in India
Regional Growth of Football
Football Clubs of India
Indian Leagues and Tournaments
Indian Super League
Indian National Team
AIFF and Other Federations
Initiatives to Boost the Game
FIFA Under-17 Football World Cup

“It’s great to see a book capturing the magical journey of Indian football being written. I wish the book, India’s Football Dream and its authors Mr Shantanu Gupta & Mr Nikhil Sharma the very best and hope it serves as a tool to educate every Indian about the ‘beautiful game’ in our country.”

Praful Patel,
President, All India Football Federation

“I feel a great sense of pride each time I pull on the India national team jersey. It is important readers get to know the history of Indian football and the various stories related to it. It’s nice that the book aims to take the readers through this majestic journey.”

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu,
India National Team Goalkeeper, First Indian to play in the UEFA Europa League
Key features
• The book narrates how football is making its strongest comeback after capturing the hearts of so many Indians.

• Extensively covers the journey of Indian National Football Team from its inception till the biggest event to date: FIFA U17 World Cup 2017.

 • Captures the genesis and present scenario of modern-day leagues such as Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League.

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ISBN: 9789353283056