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India CSR Report 2019

India CSR Report 2019
Trends and Prospects of CSR

First Edition

October 2019 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

India CSR Report 2019: Trends and Prospects of CSR, commissioned by Gujarat CSR Authority, examines the developments in the adoption of CSR practices in India and documents the changes over the last four years since the inception of the CSR mandate. A data-based assessment of geographical and thematic distribution of CSR projects, the book highlights how corporates have made allocation decisions.  

First of its kind, this book comprehensively covers different aspects of CSR such as evolution, law, policy, corporate strategies, implementer challenges, and possible solutions to some of the existing challenges. It critically analyses the response of companies, policy aspects, and implementation modalities. Challenges from policy, operations, and community response have been explained and the expectations of implementing agencies taken on board. A review of developments in the CSR space in Gujarat has been carried out and five interesting cases that project institutional and thematic uniqueness have been presented. This is a must-read for all CSR practitioners.

Foreword by D. Thara
Introduction and Overview
Three Years’ Experience of CSR
Financial Performance across the Years
Design and Implementation of CSR Projects: Challenges and Problems
Public Sector and Private Sector Companies in CSR
CSR in the State of Gujarat
Impactful CSR Projects
Path Ahead
Key features
• Explains How companies adapted to the CSR regime; what changes happened in corporate groups that had CSR prior to legislation. 

• Legal, operational, HR and others a number of issues of operational nature have been faced which stem from legal and HR related issues. It offers Examination of the issues and identification of feasible solutions 

• It includes examples from the field, Case studies on some well designed and implemented CSR projects with impact. 

• It reviews the MCA data for a disaggregated analysis of CSR contributions and spending, sectoral and geographical distribution of CSR spend and identification of reasons for the attraction to select states

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ISBN: 9789353283933