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India's Tribes

India's Tribes
Unfolding Realities

First Edition
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December 2020 | 354 pages | SAGE India
India’s Tribes: Unfolding Realities brings together critical essays on tribal communities, some of the most marginalized people in India. The chapters, authored by eminent scholars who made significant contributions to the field of Tribal Studies, present important research on resource appropriation, poverty, education, health, economy and the tribal situation. They discuss issues such as problems of development-induced displacement, labour exploitation, sustainable livelihoods, politics of religious conversion, tribal women’s issues, resistance movements and policy responses. The editor’s introductions reflect on predicaments of tribal people in contemporary times, besides presenting a comprehensive perspective on the contribution of the selected essays to an understanding of tribal life.

The series ‘Social Change in Contemporary India’ brings together key texts published in the prestigious journal Social Change, from 1971 till present times. These writings, most of which are considered canonical, address important issues in health, education, poverty and agriculture, with special focus on the disadvantaged groups. The essays will help readers identify key points in the history of policymaking in India and major discourses and debates and their impact.

About the Series
Foreword by Manoranjan Mohanty
Preface and Acknowledgements
Section I: Actors
Sectional Introduction

Nirmal Kumar Bose
The Scheduled Communities and Social Change
K. S. Singh
Reflections on the Current Debate Concerning the Indigenous Peoples
Amar Kumar Singh
Endangered Tribals of India: Booby Trap of Development
Sonali Mukherjee
Mining and Women: The Case of the Maria of Chhattisgarh
Section II: Institutions
Sectional Introduction

Prabhat K. Singh
From Ethnicity to Organized Complexity in Tribal Customary Laws
Bhubaneswar Sabar
Bringing Culture Back: Traditional Agricultural Knowledge, Food Production and Sustainable Livelihood among Chuktia Bhunjia of Orissa
Chungkhosei Baite
Socio-cultural Life of Trans-border Tribes: A Case Study of the Baites
Avitoli G. Zhimo
Indigenising Christianity: Politics of Conversion among the Sumi Naga
Section III: Change
Sectional Introduction

Amenla Nuken and L. Ladusingh
Inter-generational Social Mobility: A Study of Konyak Naga Tribe
Ram Dayal Munda
The Jharkhand Movement: Retrospect and Prospect
Binay Kumar Pattnaik
Tribal Resistance Movements and the Politics of Development-induced Displacement in Contemporary Orissa
Tanushree Haldar and Vinoj Abraham
Development, Displacement and Labour Market Marginalisation: The Case of Jharkhand Tribal Population
Walter Fernandes
Indian Tribals and Search for an Indigenous Identity

“Besides presenting a broad perspective on the various aspects of tribal development…The book will help in identifying key points in the history of policymaking and major discourses and debates and their impact.” 

CounterCurrents, 27 January 2021

“The present volume presents the critical aspects of adivasi society which helps one to understand this process... of ‘becoming’ a political subject.”

The Book Review, February 2021

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