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Information Theory

Information Theory
Structural Models for Qualitative Data

September 1986 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Information theory always has the dual appeal of bringing important concepts to the study of communication in society, and of providing a calculus for information flows within systems. This book introduces readers to basic concepts of information theory, extending its original linear conception of communication to many variables, networks, and higher-order interactions (including loops) and developing it into a method for analyzing qualitative data. It elaborates on the algebra of entropy and information, shows how complex models of data are constructed and tested, describes algorithms for exploring multivariate structures using such models, and gives illustrative applications of these techniques. The book is designed as a text but it can also serve as a handbook for social researchers and systems theorists with an interest in communication.

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Qualitative Data
Selective Information
Entropy, Diversity, Variety
Shannon's Theory of Communication
Comparisons of Qualitative Variates
Structural Models
Models With and Without Loops
Information in Models and in Data
Structural Zeros
Degrees of Freedom
The Significance of Information Quantities
Maximum Entropy Computations
Comparisons with Alternative Approaches

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ISBN: 9780803921320

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