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Infrastructure, PPP and Law for Executives

Infrastructure, PPP and Law for Executives

First Edition

December 2019 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
PPP (public–private partnership) is a buzzword, especially in growing economies like India where it takes a partnership between the government and a private entity to establish successful infrastructural projects.

However, PPPs in India face many hurdles that lead to either long delays or surprisingly, sometimes early completion of PPP projects, but with quality getting compromised. This book will take readers inside the world of PPPs and show how the legal, regulatory and political environments have facilitated or obstructed the speedy enforcement of plans for the creation of requisite infrastructure in India.

With the help of various case studies, the book discusses the legal and regulatory issues in different sectors of infrastructure in India such as power, telecom, rail, air, road and sea. In addition to discussing challenges faced by them, the book emphasizes that a proper legal framework with effective regulations is necessary to monitor and regulate the creation and management of public goods. From funding to legal issues, Infrastructure, PPP and Law for Executives shows what it takes for the safe sailing for PPPs in India. Written primarily from a managerial perspective, the book will be of interest to business managers, lawyers, government executives and anyone with serious interest in infrastructure development in India. 

Sectoral Laws and Regulations
Laws and Regulations Across Sectors
Challenges to Infrastructure Development in India
Funding and Legal Framework
Judiciary and Infrastructure
Political Will and Intention
Appendix: Important Terms Related to Infrastructure Projects
Key features
• It is the latest comprehensive work on Infrastructure and PPP which also explain the legal implications in a lucid language devoid of legal jargon.

• Explains linkages of the political system with the business and legal systems 

• Provides an overview of social, economic, political and legal environment to show the big picture of PPP in India.

• Lucid treatment of topics with court judgments blended in chapters in a story-like manner.

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ISBN: 9789353286835