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Innovation Management

Innovation Management
Strategies, Concepts and Tools for Growth and Profit

Second Edition
  • Shlomo Maital - Senior Research Fellow, S. Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science & Technology, Haifa, Israel
  • D. V. R. Seshadri - Clinical Full Professor of Business, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

© 2012 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Innovation Management: Strategies, Concepts and Tools for Growth and Profit is a unique book in the rapidly growing discipline of innovation management. It seeks to reap the fruits of experience from an earlier discipline, competitive strategy—it took more than two decades for practitioners to realize that successful strategy is driven by implementation, not by formulation. Similarly, successful innovation—the key to growth and profit—rests on disciplined management of the innovation process from start to finish. This book first answers the key questions: Why innovate? How to innovate? Who innovates? It then provides 10 essential and practical tools to help innovators guide their ideas to marketplace success.

Following the publication of the successful First Edition, and in response to many readers' positive feedback for its case studies, the Second Edition contains a large number of new mini case studies about innovative start-ups, businesses and ideas in the period of 2007–10. The book comes with a CD featuring three hours of professionally produced lectures by the first author (Shlomo Maital), including interviews with the authors of the case studies that appear towards the end of each chapter.
Prologue Shlomo Maital and D V R Seshadri
The Innovation Imperative: Why Innovate?
The Innovation Portfolio: What to Innovate?
The Innovation Voices: How to Innovate?
The Innovative Mind: Who Innovates?
Hidden Costs, Hidden Benefits
Trade-Offs: Optimizing and Eliminating Them
Cost Functions: 'Survival of the Fittest'
People, Knowledge and Machines: In Search of a Free Lunch
Scale and Scope: Scaling Markets of One
Learning Curves Are Made, not Born
Where is the Money? Markets and Demand-Driven Innovation
Calculating Risks: Decision-Making in an Uncertain World
Competing by Collaborating
Epilogue: Ten Essential Tools

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