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Insurance in India

Insurance in India
Changing Policies and Emerging Opportunities

First Edition
  • P S Palande - Independent Consultant, Pune
  • R S Shah - formerly Executive Director, Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • M L Lunawat - formerly Assistant General Manager, New India Assurance Company Ltd

August 2003 | 484 pages | SAGE Response
Following the reforms in the banking sector and the stock markets in India, the end of 1999 also saw the opening up of the insurance industry in India.

In this timely book, the authors trace the origin of the insurance industry, the factors that led to its nationalization and the formation and working of the general and life insurance corporations. The book then presents an account of the developments in past and recent years, analyzes the transformation that has taken place after reforms, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the industry. It also takes a look at the new players that have entered the market, and offers suggestions about the future of the industry in terms of its:

· potential and possible growth;

· the products and services offered

· the evolving market strategies in the context

of the highly competitive environment.

Concisely written and highly absorbing, this book will be of enormous interest and use to insurance agents, students of general management and insurance, academicians and business professionals in insurance and financial services.

The Growth and Development of the Insurance Industry in India
The Debate about Opening Up
Preparing for the Competitive Environment
Proactive and Focused Strategies
The New Range of Products and Services
Evolving Markets and Strategies
Investment of Funds - Constraints and Skills
Regulation of the Insurance Business
The Government as a Facilitator of Change
The Emerging Scenario

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