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Internal Evaluation

Internal Evaluation
Building Organizations from Within

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Volume: 24

March 1991 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"A terrific combination of pragmatic techniques and relevant theory. I wish I had this book when I became an internal evaluator 20 years ago--but I am glad I have it now because it is helping me put my experience in context, and providing many new ideas. I will make substantial use of it on the job and as a text in my next teaching opportunity." --Gerald L. Barkdoll, Associate Commissioner for Planning and Evaluation, Food and Drug Administration "An essential tool for the managers of any organization. The evaluation techniques used for internal evaluation are discussed from the vantage points and practical concerns of internal evaluators, making the book a valuable desktop reference for internal evaluators." --Canadian Evaluation Society Newsletter "Serves as a handbook for managers developing an internal evaluation system in their company, including information on evaluating goal achievement, efficiency and strategic benefit. To help managers apply what they have learned, there are several practical exercises at the end of each chapter." --Personnel "Readers find concise summarizations of, and helpful tips about the different methods for carrying out systematic internal evaluation: needs assessment, program utilization studies, evaluability assessment, systematic program monitoring, consumer/ client satisfaction studies, quality assurance, and self-study. Whether the reader of Internal Evaluation comes from the private sector or a nonprofit organization, whether he or she is the manager of, or the person responsible for carrying out an internal evaluation, this is a practical and useful guide. It reaffirms that evaluation, properly understood and applied, is not an enemy but an ally in a hectic world." --Jan Corey Arnett in Foundation News "This book quite adequately provides the reader with a comprehensive view of internal evaluation, its value and place within an organization. . . . Very well organized with a detailed introduction to each chapter, and a comprehensive summary. Provides many case examples, diagrams and tables which help to clarify and explain concepts. This text is written in a textbook fashion. Practical exercises are provided at the end of each chapter which further clarify concepts introduced. In addition, a comprehensive reference section is provided as well as an author and subject index. . . . A solid introduction." --Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling "Presents a particular view of internal evaluation that proponents of decision-making approaches to evaluation will find useful. . . . A manifesto for a managerial approach to internal evaluation, a useful message for those who wish to take up that cause." --Evaluation and Program Planning An indispensable tool for managers and an essential part of the management process, internal evaluation has become the method of choice for evaluating programs and problems. To better acquaint managers with this invaluable management tool, Internal Evaluation offers a step-by-step guide for conducting such an evaluation. After presenting the theory behind internal evaluation (showing how internal evaluation fits with other aspects of organizational life), this practical volume describes the stages of internal evaluation, ways of identifying users' needs and selecting appropriate evaluation methods, the evaluation techniques associated with each stage, avoiding common pitfalls, and how to develop and manage the internal evaluation resource. Also included are discussions about techniques that better emphasize the vantage points and practical concerns of internal evaluators, making Internal Evaluation the perfect desk-top reference for internal evaluation practitioners. Replete with examples taken from real-world settings, this masterful volume brings to managers, practitioners, students, and internal evaluators a broad spectrum of useful methods that allow them to take full advantage of the power internal evaluation offers.

Internal Evaluation
Scope and Challenge

The Organizational Context of Internal Evaluation
The Process of Internal Evaluation
Developing Systematic Internal Evaluation
Evaluating Goal Achievement
Effectiveness Evaluation
Evaluating Efficiency
Strategic Decision Making
Developing Effective Internal Evaluation

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ISBN: 9780803932012

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