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International Case Studies in Mental Health

International Case Studies in Mental Health

Edited by:
  • Senel Poyrazli - The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Chalmer E. Thompson - Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis, University of California, Berkeley and JAIST, Tatsunokuhi

April 2012 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

International Case Studies in Mental Health presents a variety of global cases from both developed and developing countries, detailing descriptions of the people who are seeking help to eliminate their distress and of the exceptional practitioners who provide the help. In most of the cases, the practitioner is someone who shares a similar heritage with her or his help seeker, and who is influenced at least partly by Western psychotherapy traditions. Each chapter also is a showcase of how scholars pair up with mental health practitioners to create a work that weaves together contextual and individual qualities to inform an understanding of the help-seeker and the intervention.

This book aims to help prepare both mental health trainees and practicing professionals to be effective in the provision of healing in their work with people in different regions of the world. Consequently, the authors hope to offer practitioners a glimpse of what can be achieved in these regions by people whose reputations within the respective communities are strong.

Michael J. Stevens
Senel Poyrazli & Chalmer E. Thompson
Introduction: Toward an Inclusive International Psychology
Ladislav Valach & Richard A. Young
1. The Case Study of Therapy with a Swiss Woman: An Action Theory Perspective
Ani Kalayjian & Georgiana Sofletea
2. Victim, Perpetrator, or BOTH?: A Child-Soldier's Journey into Healing Wounds of War in Sierra Leone
Margaret Rukini, Chalmer E. Thompson, & Mmoja Ajabu
3. Counseling as Much More Than "Counselling": A Case From Zimbabwe
Senel Poyrazli & Mehmet Eskin
4. Bisexual Identity in a Traditional Culture: A Case Study from Turkey
Brigitte Khoury
5. Case Study of a Female Patient With Anxiety Disorder and Depression: Psychotherapy Within a Lebanese Cultural Framework
Changming Duan, Xiaoming Jia, & Yujia Lei
6. College Counseling in China: A Case Study
Lawrence H.Gerstein, Young Soon Kim, & TaeSun Kim
7. Counseling a Female Client from Korea: Applying the Han Counseling Model
Andres J. Consoli, Maria de los Angeles Hernandez Tzaquitzal, & Andrea Gonzalez
8. Mayan Cosmovision and Integrative Counseling: A Case Study From Guatemala
Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky
9. Disaster Counseling: A Haitian Family Case Post January 12, 2010 Earthquake
Camille Clay & Chalmer E. Thompson
10. Mr. Paul T: A Black Man in America
Munyi Shea & Frederick T.L. Leong
11. Working with a Chinese Immigrant with Severe Mental Illness: An Integrative Approach of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Multicultural Case Conceptualization
Chalmer E. Thompson & Senel Poyrazli
Concluding Remarks: What Can We Learn From Mental Health Practitioners Around the World?

Course instruction provided by another professor

Dr Leonora Foels
Social Work Dept, Millersville University
January 2, 2014

Both textbooks were used for the first time in 2013. Although they were good, the information was not enough for my course. I am, therefore, requesting a review copy of CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Science, Practice, and Culture,
3rd edition, DSM-5 Update by Andrew M. Pomerantz. I am anticipating that this text will fill the void left by the other two textbooks. I will continue to use the other two textbooks as a supplemental requirement for the course this year. The title of the course has been changed to "Behavioral Issues of Children and Adults."

Thank you.

Professor Perlman

Ms Jeanette Perlman
School of continuing and professional studies, New York University
December 17, 2013
Key features

Key Features

  • A combination of cross-national and multicultural issues demonstrates how the confluence of these literatures helps to create a holistic perspective of help seekers and the interventions they receive.
  • The authors convey the need for practitioners to view their roles more flexibly by presenting a range of issues that arise for the help seekers and then challenging the readers to expand their basic knowledge of the profession.
  • Western and indigenous practices are integrated throughout the book.
  • This title pairs a presentation of indigenous practices with a "healthy" critique of the sole use of Western practices, and includes detailed descriptions of indigenous treatment and evaluation practices followed by evidence of their success. This presentation further develops the readers' understanding of cross-national or multicultural psychology integration.
  • Ecological approaches to crisis counseling are illustrated with rich descriptions of the    contexts, nature of crises, and the people who experience them

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