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International Marketing

International Marketing

Second Edition

December 2018 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A marketing first approach to exploring the inter-relatedness of the key components that impact any international marketing venture – markets, the 4Ps, culture, language, political, legal and economic systems, and infrastructure - to support an understanding of the synergies between international marketing and international business.


The book covers the incorporation of sustainability and bottom-of-the-pyramid markets within each chapter, along with ‘International Incident’ boxes encouraging the reader to engage with the ethical and cultural dimensions of international marketing and decision-making. It is also supported by vivid, real-world case studies from a varied cross section of international companies such as, Best Buy, Facebook, DHL, Kikkoman, Tesco, McDonalds, Nintendo, KitKat in Japan, Mobile Communications in Africa, India’s ArcelorMitall Steel, Wind Turbines in Finland, Uniqlo, and Banana Republic.


New to this edition:

  • A more global focus through examples, case studies and the experience brought by new co-author Barbara Czarnecka
  • Chapter on “Culture and Cross-Cultural Marketing”, featuring political unrest, the Syrian refugee crisis, the recent return to nationalism (e.g. Brexit and the Trump presidency) and further coverage of developing countries.
  • Chapter feature, “Practitioner Insight”, which provides applied insights from industry insiders.
  • Coverage of digital advances and social media.
  • Updated theory and methods, including S-DL, CCT, and Netnography.
  • Additional videos supplementing the comprehensive online resource package for students and lecturers.

A wealth of online resources complement this book. These include a test bank of 50-65 questions per chapter, PowerPoint slides, sample syllabi, interactive maps, country fact sheets, flashcards, SAGE journal articles, and guidelines for developing a marketing plan.


Suitable reading for students of international or global marketing modules on Marketing, International Business and Management degrees.

PART I. Essentials of International Marketing
1. Introduction to International Marketing
2. Culture and Cross-Cultural Marketing
3. Global Trade and Integration
4. Country Selection and Entry Strategies
5. International Marketing Planning, Organization and Control
PART II. International Markets and Market Research
6. Markets and Segmentation in an International Context
7. International Positioning
8. Market Research in the International Environment
PART III. International Product Marketing
9. International Product and Brand Marketing
10. International Product Standardization and Adaptation
PART IV. International Pricing and Finance
11. International Pricing
12. International Finance and Pricing Implications
PART V. International Place or Distribution
13. International Marketing Channel Management
14. International Distribution: Exporting and Retailing
PART VI. International Promotion and Marketing Communications Personal Selling
15. Globally Integrated Marketing Communications
16. International Sales Promotions and Public Relations


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For lecturers:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Testbank
  • Sample syllabi
  • Answers to in-text questions
  • Instructor's manual

For students:

  • Web quizzes
  • YouTube video links
  • Flashcard glossary
  • Interactive maps
  • Access to SAGE journal articles

This now updated and comprehensive textbook offers a truly global approach to International Marketing and combines classic approaches to marketing (the 4Ps) with new developments in the field (S-DL, for example) alongside broader societal issues and impacts such as digitalization, sustainability, and trade wars and protectionism. A must read for all Marketing and Management students!

Professor Constantine Katsikeas
Editor-in-Chief of the 'Journal of International Marketing', Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK
Key features

Key Features

An illustrative diagram at the beginning of each chapter demonstrates how the five key international business factors interact with the core marketing topics explored.
Chapter-opening vignettes, chapter-ending cases, and comprehensive cases provide vivid, real-world examples from companies such as, Best Buy, Facebook, DHL, Kikkoman, Tesco, McDonalds, Nestlé, and Nintendo.
International Incidents offer thought-provoking topics for critical thinking and classroom discussion, preparing students to work in the global economy.
International Marketing in Daily Life features illustrate how marketing works on a global scale to sell everyday life products.
Sustainability, a key issue in today's marketing environment, is emphasized through discussions of sustainable business practices in products, services, and the supply chain.
Consideration of bottom-of-the-pyramid issues provide strategies for lowering the barriers to purchase for lower income consumers around the world.


A companion website at includes:

  • A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site featuring test banks, PowerPoint presentations, class activities, answers to the end-of-chapter questions, and more.
  • An open-access Student Study Site featuring web quizzes, eFlashcards, journal articles, video links, interactive maps, and more.

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