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International Wood Products Journal

International Wood Products Journal

Published in Association with Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Publishes on wood science, engineering, and technology, aiming to advance the scientifical, technical, and practical knowledge of timber and wood based products.

International Wood Products Journal publishes peer reviewed contributions on all aspects of wood science, engineering and technology, its processing and applications. The submission of original research papers, reviews and case studies is welcomed on any topic within this scope. However, the journal has a particular interest in the following aspects of wood technology, engineering and chemistry:

• Properties of wood: physical, mechanical, chemical and other properties that are important for wood products
• Testing and characterisation (methods and standards for mechanical testing, non-destructive assessment, and physical and structural characterisation
• Drying and wood-water interactions
• Wood degradation (biological, chemical and environmental degradation) and protection (including environmental, moisture and fire protection)
• Processing, machining and manufacturing
• Wood in structures, including design and construction
• Products (wood, wood based composites, fibre and particle products, laminates and other engineered wood products), and their properties, performance and applications
• Recycling, reuse and wood waste management and recovered wood as a resource • Biomimicry (architecture, design and technology)
• Biomimicry (architecture, design and technology)
• Wood modification (chemical, thermal and combined methods)
• Life cycle assessment, Carbon sequestration and storage, Environmental impact, sustainability certification of wood products, and resource availability
• Logistics
• Economics and trade
• Education, training and skills
• The effects of wood products on wellbeing

International Wood Products Journal aims to advance and encourage the scientific, technical, practical and general knowledge of timber and wood based products.

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