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Interpersonal Communication - Interactive eBook

Interpersonal Communication - Interactive eBook

Fourth Edition

April 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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1. Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
1.1 The Evolution and Foundation of the Communication Field

1.2 Defining Interpersonal Communication

1.3 Three Models of Human Communication

1-4 The Principles of Interpersonal Communication

1-5 Dispelling Myths about Interpersonal Communication

1-6 Interpersonal Communication Ethics

Chapter Wrap-Up

2. Communication, Culture, and Identity
2.1 Defining Culture

2.2 Diversity around the Globe and In the United States

2.3 Why Study Intercultural Communication?

2.4 Dimensions of Culture

2.5 Challenges of Intercultural Communication

2.6 Skill Set For Intercultural Understanding

Chapter Wrap-Up

3. Communication, Perception, Identity, and the Self
3.1 Understanding Interpersonal Perception
3.2 Influences on Perception

3.3 Dimensions of the Self

3.4 Identity Management

3.5 Online Identity Management

3.6 Skill Set: Improving Perception Checking and Self-Actualization

Chapter Wrap-Up

4. Communication Verbally
4.1 Understanding Verbal Symbols

4.2 Factors Affecting Verbal Symbols

4.3 The Destructive and Constructive Sides of Verbal Symbols

4.4 Skill Set For Improving Verbal Communication

Chapter Wrap-Up

5. Communicating Nonverbally
5.1 Assumptions of Nonverbal Communication

5.2 Nonverbal Communication Codes

5.3 The Influence of Culture on Nonverbal Communication

5.4 The Influence of Technology on Nonverbal Communication

5.5 Skill Set For Increasing Nonverbal Communication Effectiveness

Chapter Wrap-Up

6. Listening and Responding Effectively
6.1 Lend Me Your Ear: Differences between Hearing and Listening

6.2 The Components of the Listening Process

6.3 The Value and Importance of Listening

6.4 The Barriers: Why We Don’t Listen

6.5 Poor Listening Habits

6.6 Styles of Preferred Listening

6.7 Culture and the Listening Process

6.8 Skill Set For Effective Listening

Chapter Wrap-Up

7. Communicating and Emotion
7.1 Defining Emotion

7.2 Explaining Emotion: Biology and Social Interaction

7.3 Emotion and Communication

7.4 Influences on Emotional Expression

7.5 Recognizing Blends in Emotional Communication

7.6 Skill Set For Emotional Communication

Chapter Wrap-Up

8. Sharing Personal Information
8.1 Definition of Self- Disclosure: Opening Up

8.2 Reasons for Revealing and Concealing Personal Information

8.3 Factors Affecting Self-Disclosure

8.4 Principles of Self-Disclosure

8.5 Explaining Self-Disclosure

8.6 Skill Set For Effective Disclosing

Chapter Wrap-Up

9. Communicating Conflict
9.1 Defining Conflict

9.2 Communication Patterns and Styles in Conflict

9.3 The Destructive and Constructive Sides of Interpersonal Conflict

9.4 Explaining Conflict

9.5 The Relationship of Conflict to Power

9.6 Skill Set For Effective Conflict Management

Chapter Wrap-Up

10. Communicating in Close Relationships
10.1 Understanding Close Relationships

10.2 Thinking and Talking About Close Relationships

10.3 Influences on Close Relationships

10.4 Developing Interpersonal Relationships through Stages

10.5 Explaining Communication in Close Relationships

10.6 Skill Set For Communicating In Close Relationships

Chapter Wrap-Up

11. Communicating with Families, Friends, and Romantic Partners
11.1 Family Relationships

11.2 Close Friendships

11.3 Romantic Relationships

11.4 Skill Set For Improving Your Interpersonal Communication with Family Members, Close Friends, and Romantic Partners

Chapter Wrap-Up


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