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Interpreting Experience

Interpreting Experience
The Narrative Study of Lives

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March 1995 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How does context shape biography? How do language and relationships affect the development of people's work lives? An international group of scholars from diverse disciplines addresses these and other issues in this volume of The Narrative Study of Lives. They explore what it means to take narrative seriously and how an empathic stance in narrative research opens out on the dialogic self. The contributors also consider questions of how participants make meaning out of their experience in the framework of available interpretive horizons. In addition, there are sections that use narrative approaches to develop a deeper understanding of loneliness and the "coming out" process in homosexuality. This volume examines the many ways in which people interpret their experience and explores conceptual avenues to make use of these understandings in the analysis of human life. Those interested in qualitative methods, evaluation, and education research will find Interpreting Experience to be an invaluable contribution.

Ruthellen Josselson and Amia Lieblich
Susan E Chase
Taking Narrative Seriously
Consequences for Methods and Theory in Interview Studies

Ruthellen Josselson
Imagining the Real
Empathy, Narrative and the Architectonics of the Self

Jaber F Gubrium and James A Holstein
Biographical Work and New Ethnography
Steven Weiland
Life History and Academic Work
The Career of Professor G

Ada Zohar
Developmental Patterns of Mathematically Gifted Individuals as Viewed through Their Narratives
Hadas Wiseman
The Quest for Connectedness
Loneliness as Process in Narratives of Lonely University Students

Adital Tirosh-Ben-Ari
It's the Telling that Makes the Difference
Sarah Mkhonza
Life Histories as Social Texts of Personal Experience in Sociolinguistic Studies
A Look at the Lives of Domestic Workers in Swaziland

Ardra L Cole and J Gary Knowles
Extending Boundaries
Narrative on Exchange


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