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Interpretive Political Science

Interpretive Political Science

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Mark Bevir - University of California, Berkeley, USA

April 2010 | 1 728 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'Interpretive' political science describes a broad range of approaches that challenge scientism for its lack of sensitivity to meanings, subjectivity and historical context. Much interpretive political study is founded on the insistence on the importance of meanings in human action and draws on the rich philosophical traditions of Schultz, Foucault, Derrida and Ricoeur, joined in the 1980s and 1990s by radical scholars influenced by cultural Marxism and post-foundationalism. Interpretive Political Science capitalizes on the growth and vigor of this field of study, bringing together for the first time a selection of writings that encompass theory and methods as well as policy and practice.

Interpretive Political Science Edited by Mark Bevir
a.) General
Interpretative Social Science - An Overview Frank C. Richardson and Blaine J. Fowers
Epistemological Stances for Qualitative Inquiry: Interpretivism, hermeneutics, and social constructivism Thomas Schwandt
b.) Meaning in Action
Common-sense and Scientific Interpretation in Human Action Alfred Schultz
The Model of the Text: Meaningful action considered as a text Paul Ricoeur
Social Science Peter Winch
Interpretation and the Sciences of Man Charles Taylor
On Language, Culture and Social Action Miguel Cabrera
c.) Tradition and Agency
Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences Jacques Derrida
Happy in our Chains? Agency and Language in the Postmodern Age David Shaw
On Tradition Mark Bevir
Historical Interpretation, Intentionalism, and the Philosophy of Mind Vivienne Brown
Toward a Theory of Social Practices: A development in culturalist theorizing Andreas Reckwitz
d.) Narrative and Critique
Narrative in Political Science Molly Patterson and Kristen Renwick Monroe
Historical Explanation, Folk Psychology, and Narrative Mark Bevir
Nietzsche, Genealogy, History Michel Foucault
Genealogy as Critique Raymond Geuss
Naturalism and Genealogy Bernard Williams
Hermeneutics, Political inquiry, and Practical Reason: An evolving challenge to political science Michael T. Gibbons
Interpretation and Its Others Mark Bevir and R. A. W. Rhodes
b.) Qualitative Methods
Bridging Positivist and Interpretivist Approaches to Qualitative Methods Ann Lin
Democracy and Dichotomies: A pragmatic approach to choices about concepts David Collier and Robert Adcock
Concept Formation in Political Science: An anti-naturalist critique of qualitative methodology Mark Bevir and Asaf Kedar
On Improving Qualitative methods in Public Administration Research Ralph Brower, Mithce Abolafia and Jered Carr
Emerging Criteria for Quality in Qualitative and Interpretive Research Yvonna Lincoln
c.) Ethnography and Interviewing
Thick Description: Towards an interpretive theory of culture Clifford Geertz
From the Inside Out: Ethnographic methods in political research Bayard de Volo, Lorraine and Edward Schatz
Asking Questions: Techniques for semistructured interviews Beth Leech
Talking and Listening from Women's Standpoint: Feminist strategies for interviewing and analysis Marjorie Devault
Appealing Work: An investigation into how ethnographic texts convince Karen Golden-Biddle and Karen Locke
d.) Textual Analysis
An Overview of Content Analysis Steve Stemler
Extracting Policy Positions from Political Texts: Using words as data Michael Laver, Kenneth Benoit and John Garry
Ideology and Post-Marxism Ernesto Laclau
Principles of Critical Discourse Analysis Teun A. van Dijk
How Buildings Mean Nelson Goldman and Catherine Z. Elgin
In Defense of Disunity-Pragmatism, Hermeneutics, and the Social Keith Topper
Conceptualizing Culture: Possibilities for political science Lisa Wedeen
Beliefs and Identities
Making Sense of Religion in Political Life Kenneth D. Wald, Adam L. Silverman and Kevin S. Fridy
The Imaginary Inclusion of the "Good Homosexual": The British new right's representation of sexuality and race Anna Marie Smith
Complexities of Identity/Difference: Black consciousness ideology in South Africa David Howarth
Beyond Belief: Ideas and symbolic technologies in the study of international relations Mark Laffey and Jutta Weldes
b.) Cultural Practices
Ethnicity, Democratization, and Political Dramas: Insight into ethnic politics in Mauritania Cedric Jourde
Changing Places: transnational networks, ethnic politics and community development in the Ecuadorian Amazon Thomas Perreault
The Court as an Idea, not a Building (or a Game): Interpretive institutionalism and the analysis of supreme court decision making Howard Gilman
Constructing Post-Cold War Collective Security Brian Frederking
c.) Traditions and Resistance
Beyond Tocqueville, Myrdal, and Hartz: The multiple traditions in America Rogers Smith
The Great Moving Right Show Stuart Hall
Sub Rosa Resistance and the Politics of Economic Reform: Land redistribution in post-soviet Ukraine Jessica Allina-Pisano
'It's Not Like Shopping': Citizens, consumers, and the reform of public services John Clarke
d.) Historical Sociology
The Birth of Bio-politics': Michel Foucault's lecture at the College de France on neo-liberal governmentality Thomas Lemke
Rethinking Moral Economy Thomas Clay Arnold
The Liberty Bell: A meditation on labor, liberty, and the cultural mediations that connect or disconnect them Paul Willis
Sounds of Nationhood Michael Shapiro
Taking Language Seriously: Toward a narrative theory of knowledge for administrative research Jay White
Grout: Alternative kinds of knowledge and why they are ignored Mary Schmidt
b.) Policy Analysis - Theory
Policy Analysis as a Hermeneutic Activity John Dryzek
Concepts of Culture and Organizational Analysis Linda Smircich
Interpretation and the Practice of Policy Analysis Bruce Jennings
The Communcation of Policy Meanings- Implementation as Interpretation and Text Dvora Yanow
Setting the Stage-a Dramaturgy of Policy Deliberation Maarten A. Hajer
c.) Policy Analysis - Practice
State Traditions, Administrative Reform, and Regionalization John Loughlin and B. Guy Peters
The Bureaucratization, Commodification, and the Privatization of Sexual Harassment through Institutional Discourse: A study of the 'Big Ten' universities Robin P. Clair
Language Games: Dialogical analyses of INF negotiations Gavan Duffy, Brian Frederking and Seth A. Tucker
Marginalizing Public Participation in Local Planning: An ethnographic account Caroline Tauxe
The Politics of Deliberation: Qat chews as public spheres in Yemen Lisa Wedeen
d.) Dialogue and Deliberation
Leadership Studies: From procedure and abstraction to reflexivity and situation Mats Alvesson
Talking and Doing in the Work of Administration Hal Colebatch and Pieter Degeling
Learning from Practice Stories: The priority of practical judgment John Forester
Participatory Governance as Deliberative Empowerment- The Cultural Politics of Discursive Space Frank Fischer
Collaborative Policymaking: Governance through dialogue Judith Innes and David Booher

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