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Intervening With Drug-Involved Youth

Intervening With Drug-Involved Youth

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August 1996 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Exploring current issues of drug use by young people, Intervening with Drug-Involved Youth provides a special analysis of intervention by an outstanding group of experts in the field. Noteworthy topics considered include the scope of the problem, prevention and treatment initiatives, and international perspectives. The contributors examine what programs have proved effective and which initiatives lack the outcome necessary to reduce drug use among youths. Prevention and treatment strategies analyzed include school- and street-based programs operated by law enforcement, family therapy, residential approaches, programs in Brazil and India, and more. This comprehensive volume also features a fascinating and thorough introduction on the history of drug use, giving the reader a frame of reference for understanding drug-involved youth and options for intervention. Prevention of other high-risk behaviors, including those that increase the risk of contracting HIV, is also considered. Intervening with Drug-Involved Youth is an essential resource for drug abuse counselors, clinicians, and researchers and provides an organized overview of specific interventions that will be useful in college courses in counseling, social work, family therapy, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, and criminology.

Clyde B McCoy, Lisa R Metsch, and James A Inciardi
Lana D Harrison and Anne E Pottieger
The Epidemiology of Drug Use among American Youth
Judith S Brook and David W Brook
Risk and Protective Factors for Drug Use
Etiological Considerations  
Lilly M Langer
Modeling Adolescent Health Behavior
The Preadult Health Decision-Making Model  
Mario A Orlandi
Prevention Technologies for Drug-Involved Youth
Richard R Clayton et al
DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
Very Popular but Not Very Effective  
Duane C McBride, Patricia B Mutch, and Dale D Chitwood
Religious Belief and the Initiation and Prevention of Drug Use among Youth
Richard Dembo and James E Rivers
Juvenile Health Service Centers
An Exciting Opportunity to Intervene with Drug-Involved and Other High-Risk Youth  
Sally J Stevens et al
Issues and Intervention
Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents Using a Modified Therapeutic Community Model  
Hilary L Surratt and James A Inciardi
Drug Use, HIV Risks, and Prevention/Intervention Strategies among Street Youths in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Swarup Sarkar et al
Drug Use and HIV among Youth in Manipur, India

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