Intervention in School and Clinic

Intervention in School and Clinic

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Randall Boone University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kyle Higgins University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

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Intervention in School and Clinic (ISC) equips teachers and clinicians with hands-on tips, techniques, methods, and ideas for improving assessment, instruction, and management for individuals with learning disabilities or behavior disorders. Articles focus on curricular, instructional, social, behavioral, assessment, and vocational strategies and techniques that have a direct application to the classroom settings.


Intervention in School and Clinic is practitioner-oriented and designed to provide practical, research-based ideas to educators who work with students with severe learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems. Emphasis is placed on strategies and techniques that can be easily implemented in school or clinic settings and address the multifaceted needs of students with severe LD and emotional/behavioral problems. Specifically, articles should target curricular, instructional, social, behavioral, assessment, and vocational strategies and techniques and have direct application to the classroom setting.

Editorial Assistant
Dominique Tetzlaff University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Associate Editor
Monica Brown University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Steve Chamberlain University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA
Terry Cumming University of New South Wales, Australia
Theresa Earles-Vollrath Central Missouri State University
Antonis Katsiyannis Clemson University, USA
Moira Konrad The Ohio State University, USA
Kimberly Paulsen Vanderbilt University, USA
Kristin Sayeski University of Georgia
Cathy Newman Thomas University of Missouri, USA
Mitchell Yell University of South Carolina
Consulting Editors
Diane Adreon University of Miami
Margaret E. Bausch University of Kentucky, USA
Erica Blood Pinter Northern Illinois University
E. Amanda Boutot Texas State University, USA
Lisa Bowman-Perrott Texas A&M University, USA
Regina Brandon San Diego State University, USA
Virginia Brown Researcher, South Glens Falls, NY
Randa G. Burks-Keeley New Mexico State University
Lisa Pericola Case St. John the Baptist School, Silver Spring, MD
Stephen P. Ciullo Texas State University, USA
Ben Clarke University of Oregon
Bertina H. Combes University of North Texas, USA
Greg Conderman Northern Illinois University
Lysandra Cook University of Hawaii at Manoa
Debra Cote California State University, Fullerton, USA
Kent Crippen University of Florida, USA
Christina M. Curran University of Northern Iowa, USA
Christopher B. Denning University of Massachusetts-Boston
Christian Doabler University of Oregon, USA
Nicole Dobbins North Carolina A&T State University, USA
Caroline Dunn Auburn University, USA
Nick Elksnin Learning & Evaluation Resources
Robin P. Ennis University of Alabama at Birmingham
Emmet Gardner University of Oklahoma
Julie Jochum Gartrell Consultant
Mark B. Goor University of La Verne
Vanessa Green Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria Groves-Scott University of Central Arkansas
Taku Hagiwara Hokkaido University of Education - Asahikawa, Japan
Juliet E. Hart Barnett Arizona State University
Leah Herner-Patnode The Ohio State University at Lima
Catherine S. Howerter Georgia Southern University
Yun-Ju Hsiao Washington State University-Tri Cities
Gracia Jimenez-Fernandez University of Granada, Spain
Vita Jones California State University, Fullerton, USA
Marilyn S. Kaff Kansas State University
Bradley J. Kaffar St. Cloud State University
Cathy Kea North Carolina State University
Michael Kennedy University of Virginia
Margaret E. King-Sears George Mason University
Karla Kingsley University of New Mexico, USA
Lori Korinek College of William and Mary
Richard M. Kubina, Jr. The Pennsylvania State University
Monica Lambert Appalachian State University
Debbra Leach Winthrop University
Melinda Leko University of Kansas
Katherine Lewis University of Washington, USA
Lindsay Lile Diamond University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Endia Lindo University of North Texas, USA
Mickey Losinski Kansas State University, USA
John W. Maag University of Nebraska
Daniel Maggin University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Kimberly Maich Brock University, Ontario, Canada
David Majsterek Central Washington University
Nancy Mamlin North Carolina Central University
Linda H. Mason The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Valerie Mazzotti University of Oregon
Michael P. McCreery University of Arkansas-Little Rock
John William McKenna St. John's University
Joseph John Morgan University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA
Shobana Musti-Rao Pace University
Neal N. Nguyen Southeast Missouri State University
Susan Nordstrom  
Theresa A. Ochoa Indiana University, USA
Billy Ogletree Western Carolina University, Bardo Distinguished Professor
Eunhee Paik Kongju National University, South Korea
Elena C. Papanastasiou University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Corey Pierce University of Northern Colorado
Kelley Regan George Mason University
Leon Reisberg Pacific Lutheran University, United States
Christopher Rivera East Carolina University
Cathi Draper Rodriguez California State University – Monterrey Bay
Chad A. Rose University of Missouri, USA
Dawn A. Rowe University of Oregon, USA
Ann Ryan University St. Thomas
Spencer J. Salend SUNY New Paltz
Kristin Sayeski University of Georgia
Stan Shaw University of Connecticut, USA
Richard Simpson University of Kansas
Ashley Skylar CSU Northridge
Tracy Spies University of Nevada Las Vegas
Melissa Stormont University of Missouri, USA
Jennifer L. Stringfellow Eastern Illinois University
Iva Strnadova The University of New South Wales, Australia
George Sugai University of Connecticut
Philip Swicegood Sam Houston State University
Jim Teagarden Kansas State University
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Jason Travers University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elizabeth Walton University of Witwatersrand
Catharine Whittaker SUNY New Paltz
Charles Wood University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
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