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Interviews in Qualitative Research

Interviews in Qualitative Research

February 2010 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Interviewing is used very widely in qualitative research, and takes many different forms. It is also a method that is constantly evolving, in response both to theoretical and technological developments.

The authors present a clear and thorough guide to the use of interviews in contemporary qualitative research. Writing in an accessible style, with many practical examples, the authors explore:

  • The key debates in the philosophy and theory underlying interview methods
  • How to design and carry out interviews
  • The special requirements of group and remote (telephone and online) interviewing
  • The central issues of reflexivity and ethics

The book also features a chapter which introduces the principles and practice of the thematic analysis of interview data, and the book concludes with a detailed consideration of the use of interviews in two major qualitative research traditions: phenomenological and narrative approaches.

Interviews in Qualitative Research is a must-have for graduate and advanced undergraduate students planning to use interview methods for themselves. It is aimed at a broad range of disciplines with examples drawn from across the social, educational, and health sciences.

Philosophical Assumptions
Designing an Interview Study
Carrying out Qualitative Interviews
Group Interviews
Remote Interviewing
Ethics in Qualitative Interviewing
Reflexivity and Qualitative Interviewing
An Introduction to Interview Data Analysis
Interviews in Phenomenological Research
Interviews and Narrative

A very useful and instightful book

Sara Bell
School of Health & Social Care, Chester University
January 23, 2015

A very useful book, including many practical and theoretical angles.

Miss Amy Clark
Sport Science, Tourism & Leisure Dept, Canterbury Christ Church University
January 21, 2015

Many of my MA HRM/D students choose to conduct interviews in their research projects, involving the completion of a 60 credit original piece of research. This text provides students with an in-depth understanding of how to get the best out of the interviewing process.

Dr Julie Haddock-Millar
leadership, work and organisations, Middlesex University
October 21, 2014

This is a superb book on interviews and should feature in any list of references in qualitative research. Both the philosophical and practical aspects of using interviews in research are analysed in depth. The chapters on interview data analysis, and on interviews in phenomenological and narrative research are excellent and set this book apart from other books in the field. A must read in any graduate course in research methodologies.

Professor Manuel Graca
Faculdade De Economia, University of Porto
November 26, 2013

A mix of practical and theoretical considerations. An excellent text

Mr Ben Jane
Faculty of Sport Media and Management, University of St Mark & St John
November 24, 2013

The text has been added to the main reading list as a useful text for students adopting interviews in their research.

Mr Patrick Muigai
Schl of Tourism, University of West London
November 21, 2013

Very useful for a range of issues around qualitative research and not just interviewing.

Helen Gregory
Psychology (Francis Close Hall), Gloucestershire University
October 14, 2013

Very readable and accessible text book.

Carol McGowan
Business and Humanities Department, Dundalk Institute of Technology
September 18, 2013

In-depth information on the topic

Mrs Chris O'Grady
Health and Social Care, Glyndwr University
June 25, 2013

Very good, well written and practical. Will be essential reading for those who are to engage in qualitative interviewing as part of their research.

Mr Peter Lassey
School of Lifelong Education & Devel't, Bradford University
November 30, 2012

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