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Intimate Violence in Families

Intimate Violence in Families

January 1997 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Praise for the Second Edition: "A must read for anyone working in the broad field of mental health. It is a most comprehensive, scholarly, and up-to-date presentation of the issues involved in this difficult but increasingly important field. The author's . . . scholarly comments enable the reader to come to a clear, definitive opinion about the real facts in this emotion-laden area. . . . Well written and quite readable." --Nathan B. Epstein, M.D., Psychiatrist-in-Chief, St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, Massachusetts "Serves as an excellent guide to introduce the reader to the broad range of family problems associated with family violence. It does a good job of showing how devastating and tragic family violence really is, as well as showing the emotional and physical trauma suffered by the victims." --Family Violence Bulletin Winner of the American Journal of Nursing 1990 Book of the Year Award in its second edition, Intimate Violence in Families has been thoroughly revised and updated in its third edition. Drawing on the latest research, this book dismantles many of the conventional myths hindering our understanding of family violence. Through an exploration of some of the major controversies in the field, Richard Gelles discusses various theories of intimate violence and the contributing social factors. This third edition includes a substantial expansion of material on hidden victims of familial violence-siblings, parents, and the elderly-as well as an examination of violence between gay and lesbian couples. While the first two editions of Intimate Violence in Families focused on physical abuse, here Gelles also explores neglect and emotional and psychological abuse, offering a much broader look at the full spectrum of familial abuse. Breaking important new ground, Gelles carefull examines what we know about intervention and treatment program effectiveness, with special attention to intensive family preservation programs and men's treatment programs. A major text for use in coursework on interpersonal violence, family violence, psychology, counseling, social work, and special issues in gender studies and sociology, Intimate Violence in Families, Third Edition will also provide essential information to professionals working in those areas.

Violence between Intimates
Historical Legacy - Contemporary Approval

The Youngest Victims
Violence toward Children

The `Appropriate' Victims

Hidden Victims
Siblings, Adolescents, Parents, the Elderly, and Gay and Lesbian Couples

Explaining Intimate and Family Violence
Prevention and Treatment
Society's Response and Responsibility


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ISBN: 9780761901235