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Intro Business Authors and Videos

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Get to Know the Authors 

Best-selling authors Heidi M. Neck and Christopher P. Neck share their backgrounds and answer questions about their exciting new text Introduction to Business in these six insightful videos. 

Video: Meet the Authors of Introduction to Business

"As a part of the author team, I brought two things together - one, my passion, as I said, for teaching entrepreneurship, as well as this need to teach business in a more relevant, modern, impactful way." - Heidi Neck


Video: How are diverse voices and identities represented in your writing?

"It was important for us to move beyond the stereotypical images of business and show examples of businesses of all types, businesspeople of all kinds, and the impact that all of these people are making in their own and unique way." - Heidi Neck


Video: What unique perspective do you bring to your book?

"I learned that doing stuff [practicing business] and developing an entrepreneurial mindset was really essential to my own success...I wanted to create a textbook that helped students do these things as much as possible." - Heidi Neck


Video: Who is the student reader you keep in mind as you write?

"I write for students, especially the curious ones, the ones that are curious about business and really want to learn how business can be a force for positive change." - Heidi Neck


Video: How did you cover the challenging topic of ethics in the book?

"We hit ethics from an individual standpoint to help the student understand why they make decisions. And then, secondly, we hit ethics from an organizational standpoint in terms of social impact." - Christopher Neck


Video: How did you cover sustainability in your book?

"The concept of sustainability is weaved throughout, but it's subtle. It's not in-your-face. It's just showing that this is the good way of doing business in the modern era." - Heidi Neck


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