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Introducing Comparative Politics

Introducing Comparative Politics
The Essentials

First Edition

January 2018 | 496 pages | CQ Press

Essentials of Comparative Politics is organized thematically around the essential questions in comparative politics-- Who rules? What explains political behavior? Where and why? Adapted from the authors’ Introducing Comparative Politics, offers the same framework for understanding comparative politics in a briefer format. This Essentials version does not include the integrated, extended case studies found in the original Orvis and Drogus text, thereby providing instructors with greater flexibility in teaching the course. Loaded with contemporary examples and up-to-date research, this streamlined text helps students engage with the critical issues shaping global politics today.

Part I A Framework for Understanding Comparative Politics
Chapter 1. Introduction
The Big Issues  
Comparative Politics: What Is It? Why Study It? How to Study It?  
Three Key Questions in Comparative Politics  
Chapter 2. The Modern State
Characteristics of the Modern State  
Historical Origins of Modern States  
Strong, Weak, and Failed States  
Chapter 3. States, Citizens, and Regimes
Citizens and Civil Society  
Regimes, Ideologies, and Citizens  
Chapter 4. States and Identity
Understanding Identity  
The Policy Debate  
Nations and Nationalism  
Religion: Recognition, Autonomy, and the Secular State  
Gender and Sexual Orientation: The Continuing Struggle for Recognition, Social Status, and Representation  
Part II Political Systems and How They Work
Chapter 5. Governing Institutions in Democracies
Executives and Legislatures  
Comparing Executive-Legislative Institutions  
Chapter 6. Institutions of Participation and Representation in Democracies
The Electoral System  
Formal Institutions: Political Parties and Party Systems  
Civil Society  
Chapter 7. Contentious Politics: Social Movements, Political Violence, and Revolution
Framing Contentious Politics  
Political Violence  
Chapter 8. Authoritarian Institutions
Authoritarian Rule around the World  
Governing Institutions in Authoritarian Regimes  
Elections, Parties, and Civil Society in Authoritarian Regimes  
Chapter 9. Regime Change
The Military in Politics: Coups d'État  
Part III Political Economy and Policy
Chapter 10. Political Economy of Wealth
The Market, Capitalism, and the State  
Key Economic Debates  
Types of Capitalist Economies  
Globalization: A New World Order, or Déjà Vu All Over Again?  
Chapter 11. Political Economy of Development
What Is "Development"?  
Development and Globalization  
The Development Debate  
Chapter 12. Public Policies When Markets Fail: Welfare, Health, and the Environment
"Welfare": Social Policy in Comparative Perspective  
Health Care and Health Policy  
Environmental Problems and Policy  

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