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Introduction to Business - Student Reviews


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I love how relevant and updated the examples of businesses are. It helps me relate to the material better.

—Kayla Cleary, University of Hartford



I really enjoy the video examples that the book provides. It really takes the concepts and elevates one's understanding through the examples.

—Mori Kreider, University of Hartford



I like how it makes the important information known as well as making definitions clear and concise. 

—Nicholas Grippo, University of Hartford



The book is really informative and...a lot of modern day examples keep the book engaging.

—Bryce Foster, University of Hartford



I enjoyed the length of each section. It is very readable and engaging. I also enjoyed the highlighted vocab words so I know what terms are important and which ones to focus on. I liked the knowledge checks as well because it helps me do well on the final quiz at the end of the reading.

—Roz Green, University of Hartford 



...[Stays] at a level that is understandable for new people who are just learning about business...This book has given me a lot of information about introduction to business without being too overwhelming. I also enjoyed how there are many "real life" examples within the book about current business.     

—Elizabeth Worrick, University of Hartford



Personally, I like the interactive parts of the book, such as the flash cards and videos.     

—Jailyn Henderson, University of Hartford

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