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Introduction to Comparative and International Education

Introduction to Comparative and International Education

October 2014 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Comparative and international education is an increasingly important area of study. This book introduces major themes surrounding globalisation and education, giving you a nuanced understanding of key debates, thinkers and sources of information. 

Important theories and research exploring how globalisation has influenced educational practice are critically examined, providing you with an understanding of relevant social, economic, historical and cultural factors. 
Coverage includes:

  • Case studies from around the world raising thought-provoking questions on chapter topics
  • How to undertake research using significant secondary sources of comparative international data (including OECD, PISA, TIMMS)
  • The relationship between development, education and inequality
  • The purpose and role of multicultural and citizenship education
  • Gender and education in a global context

This is essential reading for students on undergraduate Education Studies degrees, and for similar courses covering comparative and international education.

Part One: Comparative education
An introduction to comparative education
How are comparisons made?
Culture and education
Economic, political, social and historical contexts for comparison
Education and the developing world
Gender and education
Part Two: International Education
Understanding international education
Globalisation and education
Global citizenship education
Multicultural education
International schools
Internationalisation of higher education

I opened this book when it arrived and was immediately engrossed - to the point of being late for a class! Took the book into the Foundation Degree class with me and nearly lost it. Students were cross that we are at the end of the module (Early Years Frameworks - UK and International) and it would have been really useful. I will recommend it for next year's group from the start. Excellent book.

Denni Morrison
Dept of Care & Early Years Education, Hertford Regional College
November 24, 2014

Good introductory text for students.

Miss Rebecca Bolan
Dept of Psychology, Kingston University
November 17, 2014

For instructors