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Introduction to Criminal Justice - Vantage Digital Option

Introduction to Criminal Justice - Vantage Digital Option
Practice and Process

Fourth Edition

January 2020 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process, Fourth Edition – Vantage Digital Option delivers trusted SAGE textbook content on SAGE vantage, an intuitive digital platform that offers auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools, all carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. Built with you and your students in mind, it offers easy course set-up and enables students to better prepare for class. With evidence-based instructional design at the core, SAGE vantage creates more time for engaged learning and empowered teaching, keeping the classroom where it belongs—in your hands.


Easy to access across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, SAGE vantage enables students to engage with the material you choose, learn by applying knowledge, and soar with confidence by performing better in your course.




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Feeds auto-graded assignments to your gradebook, with real-time insight into student and class performance.


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About Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process, Fourth Edition

The best-selling Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process uses a practical, applied approach to teach students the foundations of the U.S. criminal justice system. Award-winning authors Kenneth J. Peak and Tamara D. Madensen-Herold draw on their many years of combined practitioner and academic experience to explain the importance of criminal justice and show how key trends, emerging issues, and practical lessons can be applied in the field. The Fourth Edition keeps students up to date with new content on recent cases, cybercrime, policing strategies, drug abuse, human trafficking, terrorism, immigration, and much more.


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SAGE Coursepacks includes:

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  • Assignable SAGE Premium Video (available on the SAGE vantage platform, linked through SAGE coursepacks) that is tied to learning objectives, and curated and produced exclusively for this text to bring concepts to life and appeal to diverse learner, featuring:
    • Student on the Street videos that breathe life into concepts with stories drawn from common student misconceptions of criminal justice
    • Criminal Justice in Practice videos that offer students career advice, provide insights into a variety of career paths, and discuss challenges and misconceptions of each profession.
    • Career videos with criminal justice professionals discussing their day-to-day work and current issues related to technology, diversity, and cutting-edge developments in their field.
    • Corresponding multimedia assessment options that automatically feed to your gradebook
  • Assessment tools that foster review, practice, and critical thinking, and offer a more complete way to measure student engagement, including:
    • Diagnostic chapter quizzes that identify opportunities for improvement, track student progress, and ensure mastery of key learning objectives
    • Test banks built on Bloom’s Taxonomy that provide a diverse range of test items with ExamView test generation
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  • 3-step course setup is so fast you can complete it in minutes!
  • Control over assignments, content selection, due dates, and grading empowers you to teach your way.
  • Quality content authored by the experts you trust.
  • eReading experience makes it easy to learn and study by presenting content in easy-to-digest segments featuring note-taking, highlighting, definition look-up, and more.
  • LMS integration provides single sign-on with streamlined grading capabilities and course management tools.
  • Auto-graded assignments include:
    • formative knowledge checks for each major section of the text that quickly reinforce what students have read and ensure they stay on track;
    • dynamic, hands-on multimedia activities that tie real world examples and motivate students to read, prepare for class;
    • summative chapter tests that reinforce important themes; and
    • helpful hints and feedback (provided with all assignments) that offer context and explain why an answer is correct or incorrect, allowing students to study more effectively.
  • Compelling polling questions bring concepts to life and drive meaningful comprehension and classroom discussion.
  • Short-answer questions provide application and reflection opportunities connected to key concepts.
  • Instructor reports track student activity and provide analytics so you can adapt instruction as needed.
  • A student dashboard offers easy access to grades, so students know exactly where they stand in your course and where they might improve.
  • Honest value gives students access to quality content and learning tools at a price they will appreciate.


  • New topics in policing include coverage of evidence-based police strategies, policies governing police conduct, the challenges of investigating cybercrimes, and police technology, such as the use of body-worn cameras and genealogical DNA in investigations.
  • Exploration of critical debates and new research in corrections covers bail reform, jail populations and their contribution to mass incarceration, recidivism, the efficacy of rehabilitation efforts in prisons and jail treatment programs, the use of drones and cell phones by inmates, and the use of solitary confinement.
  • New cases cover the Golden State Killer, a case of fetal abduction, the use of victim impact statements in sexual assault cases, and many more.
  • Expanded coverage of juveniles includes discussion of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018, state laws recently enacted to protect juveniles, policing strategies regarding juvenile offenders, and updated juvenile arrest rates and gang membership.
  • Chapter 16 now explores emerging topics in criminal justice, including drug abuse and the opioid epidemic, sex trafficking, terrorism, and immigration.
  • Updated statistics, research, and events present students with a clear understanding of the criminal justice system today.
  • Updated Investigating Further boxes explore current issues in criminal justice and help students dig deeper into the material.
  • New You Be the… boxes offer a broad range of perspectives and roles for students to take on, such as those of sentencing commissioners and policy makers.
  • New Going Global boxes give glimpses into comparative criminal justice systems, law, and practices in different countries.
  • SAGE course outcomes on the SAGE Edge site help instructors track and measure student success. Crafted with specific course outcomes in mind and vetted by advisors in the field, SAGE course outcomes clearly define and benchmark the knowledge and skills students are expected to achieve upon course completion. 
  • Chapter-opening learning objectives identify what students should be able to accomplish as a result of reading the chapter.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes spark student interest in forthcoming chapter content.
  • Assessment questions give students the opportunity to test their knowledge of forthcoming material before reading the chapter; a separate answer key allows students to check their answers after reading the chapter.
  • Practitioner’s Perspective boxes present profiles of criminal justice professionals and allow students to hear about the nature of their work, academic preparation, and the decisions they make.
  • Investigating Further boxes explore current issues in criminal justice and help students dig deeper into the material.
  • You Be the… boxes offer a broad range of perspectives and roles for students to take on, such as those of sentencing commissioners and policy makers.
  • Going Global boxes give glimpses into comparative criminal justice systems, law, and practices in different countries.
  • Learn by Doing activities engage students with the material and help them apply the content to maximize retention.

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