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Introduction to Criminology- Vantage Digital Option

Introduction to Criminology- Vantage Digital Option
Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior

11th Edition

January 2023 | SAGE Publications, Inc
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Part I: Foundations of Criminology
ntroduction to Criminology
Research Methods in Criminology
General Characteristics of Crime and People who Commit Crime
What Is Victimology?
Part II: Theories of Criminology
Early and Classical Criminological Theories
Biological and Psychological Theories
Sociological Mainstream Theories
Sociological Critical Theories and Integrated Theories
Part III: Crime Typologies
Violent Crime
Property Crime
White-Collar Crime
Political Crime and Terrorism
Organized Crime
Public Order Crime
Cybercrime and the Future of Crime

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ISBN: 9781071890837


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