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Introduction to Psychology Tips for Student Success

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A Guide to Student Success*

Instructors: Share this guide with your students and help them achieve academic success as they navigate their first year of college.

As a student, you learn to become more knowledgeable and capable, and to be smarter, and this also does not come without times of being tired or exhausted. But you work through it so that you can reach your goal of being educated. This parallel brings to light a key to your success in college: to set goals. Setting goals helps you to stay focused and motivated to “work through” the challenging times. Of course, it is also helpful to have a plan or guide that can help you achieve your goals. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to help you achieve your academic goals and to support your success.


  1. Tips and Tricks for Student Success: The Basics
  2. Getting the Most Out of Your Course
  3. Understanding Your Course Materials
  4. Best Practices for Studying and Preparing for Tests
  5. Creating School-Work-Family Balance 
  6. Effective Distance Learning 
  7. Helpful Resources to Help You Succeed  
  8. Making the Most Out of Your Professor’s Office Hours   
  9. Summary of Helpful Tips


Now available!
Essentials of Psychology by Saul M. Kassin

Essentials of Psychology

By Saul M. Kassin, Gregory J. Privitera, and Krisstal D. Clayton

Psychology, 7e by James S. Nairne

Psychology, 7e

By James S. Nairne and Dawn McBride