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Introduction to Quantitative Analysis of Linguistic Survey Data

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis of Linguistic Survey Data
An Atlas by the Numbers

Volume: 1

September 1996 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Dialectology--the study of variation in language rather than an invariant, homogenous grammar--lends itself quite naturally to computer assistance, both for the entry and maintenance of a database for quantitative analysis. This book is an introduction to the quantitative analysis of linguistic survey data featuring the Linguistic Atlas of the Middle and South Atlantic States (LAMSAS). Serious quantification and large-scale application of statistics demand the ability to handle large amounts of data elicited in a broad survey with the efficiency of automation. Introduction to Quantitative Analysis of Linguistic Survey Data provides a detailed account of how to adapt LAMSAS to the needs of computerization, the mechanics involved in computerizing LAMSAS, how to analyze the data in the system, statistical testing, and more. Professionals and practitioners in linguistics will be able to analyze the frequency of variants more accurately using the methods detailed in this volume--which in turn will give them a more realistic view of a particular language culture.

The Research Design of a Linguistic Atlas
The Application of Statistical Tests to LAMSAS
From Atlas to Database Structure
The Statistical Analysis of LAMSAS Data
Model Analyses of LAMSAS Data

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